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BMW R-2 198cc

BMW R-2 198cc

At the beginning of the thirties the economic situation dictated the need for a more affordable alternative to the twins which arrived in the form of the 198cc R2. This was not their first single - they had introduced the 250cc R39 in 1925.

The new model incorporated features found on the twins, including unit construction for the engine, a three speed gearbox and shaft drive, along with a pressed steel duplex frame equipped with similarly constructed forks. Developing up to 6 bhp, the new model would remain in production until 1936 and formed the basis for later, larger displacement singles.

Production years: 1931-1936
Power: 4.5 CV at 3500 rpm (with Amal, 6 CV)
Capacity: 198cc
Engine: single cylinder.
Maximum speed: 95 Km/h
Weight: 122 Kg

BMW R-2 Series 1 from 1931

BMW R-2 Series 2A from 1932

BMW R-2 Series 2/33 from 1933

BMW R-2 Series 3 from 1934

BMW R-2 Series 4 from 1935

BMW R-2 Series 5 from 1936