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TM Junior Speedway Bikes

Young Johnny Ivarsson is 13 years old and can be found riding in 80cc events for Masarna 80cc in Sweden. Johnny has kindly sent in pictures of his TM 85cc machines of which he has two - now there's professionalism for you!!.

I am informed that the TM is an Italian motorcycle factory making Moto X machines ranging from 80cc up to 300cc, this particular motor being the TM 85j MC model.

Good Luck for the future Johnny!....

Model 80j 85j 80 85 125 250 300
BorexStroke 46,5x47 47,9x47 46,5x47 47,9x47 54x54,4 66,4x72 72x72
Displacement 79.85cc 84.65cc 79.85cc 84.65 123.543 249 294
Comp.Ratio 1:17.2 1:17.2 1:17.2 1:17.2 1:16.7 1:15.5 1:14.5
Carb Mikuni 32 PWM 38 Keihin 38

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