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TM Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1968-on

The company was founded in Pesaro by Claudio Flenghi and Francesco Battistelli and the brand name was formed from the initials of their sons, Thomas and Mirko.

The first motorcycle had an engine based on a single-cylinder Yamaha unit, fitted with a six-speed gearbox.

In 1976, the first experimental TM appeared and the following year three motorcycles were marketed.

In 1979, the TM team entered competition with a machine ridden by Gastone Serafini.

The bikes continued to develop with both motocross and road models in production. In the 1980s TM marketed models for motocross and enduro of 80cc and 125cc.

TM engines powered the 2012 South African BRM 300.

TM models include:

450 EN 2008-
Enduro 449cc

EN 125 2008-
Enduro 123cc

EN 125 1999-04
Enduro 125cc

EN 144 2008
Enduro 143cc

EN 250 2008-
Enduro 249cc

EN 250 2001
Enduro 250cc

EN 300 2006-07
Enduro 294cc

EN 300 1999-
Enduro 300cc

EN 300 2t 2008-
Enduro 300cc

EN 450 2005-07
Enduro 449cc

EN 80 1994-
Enduro 80cc

Minimotard 2007-09
Motard 85cc

MX 144 2008-
Cross 144cc

MX 250 2008-
Cross 250cc

SMM 125 2011-
Motard 125cc

SMM 125 Black Dream 2005-08
Motard 125cc

SMM 450 F Black Dream ES 2008-
Motard 449cc

SMM 530 F Black Dream ES 2008-
Motard 527cc

SMR 125 2008-
Motard 123cc

SMR 250 2008-
Motard 249cc

SMR 250 2006-07
Motard 250cc

SMR 450 F e.s. 2008-
Motard 449cc

SMR 530 F ES 2008-
Motard 527cc

SMX 450 F Competition 2005-06
Motard 449cc

SMX 660 F Competition 2003-06
Motard 657cc

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Puzey South Africa, Henshaw, et al.

The company website has a large amount of information which includes images and model information dating back decades:

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