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The AJP "Special"

Built in the early eighties, the AJP (Alan John Products) "Special" houses a Honda C90 engine. Originally designed with the Dugard family in mind, it soon spread through the Eastbourne and Mildenhall Juniors and sources inform me that such notable names as Ben Howe, Martin Dugard, Paul Dugard, Savalas Clouting, Lee Richardson, Kelly Moran, Gary Tag, David Norris are all names that have ridden these bikes in their early years.

The built in Magneto eliminates the need for a battery and has a centrifugal clutch, which means that at low revs the bike sits still although a clutch lever is fitted so that either a speedway type action or "Rev up and Go" technique can be used to move the machine forward.

It is fitted with three Gears that can be disabled and the Gear required can be selected.

The frame has additional bolt positions for adjustments to be made that allows the Frame to "Grow with the Boy" with only the Forks and Wheels needing to be replaced.

Alan Johns was of course a former Eastbourne rider and currently runs a workshop in Plumstead, London under the name of "Alan John Products" (0181 855 4527)

Restored back to its present condition in 1998, the AJP is now the cherished possession of Master Rhys Hooper under the watchful eye of main sponsor, mechanic and "General Dog's-Body" Malcolm Hooper (alias Dad)

Young Rhys hopes to be added to the illustrious list of famed riders above who started out on an AJP machine just like this one. And remember, if one day he becomes World Champion, remember you first saw it here in the "Workshop Pages"

Good Luck Rhys !

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