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The Brian

T.Runesson first raced in Moto-X and Enduro meetings back in 1959 before making the switch to speedway in 1967. He also began making various pieces of equipment such as Frames, handlebars and much more which has expanded over the years and now extends to full chassis for 80cc, 125cc and full 500cc machines.

Brian 125cc Junior Speedway Machine

Motor Spec.

Engine: Setsu Tech (Taiwan)

Type: Single Cylinder Push Rod

Volume: 124cc

Bore: 56,5

Stroke: 49,5

Compression: 13.0

HPR: 13-15hpr

Ignition: CDI

Wheelbase: 1320 mm

Seat Height: 710mm

Dist. Seat: - H'Bars: 650mm

Front Wheel: 250 x 21"

Rear Wheel: 350 x 18"

Handlebar: Aluminium

Guards: Fibreglass

LEFT: is the Brian 80cc frame kit that houses nearly all Japanese 80cc Engines.


Brian Speedway Parts

Argongatan 62

703 74 OREBRO


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