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The Jawa Ice Racer (1997-98)

The Jawa machines and engines are probably the most successful machines in iceracing, and all World Champions used Jawa parts.

However, in the latter years, the JAWA frames came up against stiff opposition, and many top riders switched to the new design of frames such as the TIBO, HMT and others.

Another factor, was that for some time, JAWA designed their machines for use with vertically mounted engines, whilst the competitors were designing machines that were fitted with horizontal mounted engines, and many tuners see this as a big advantage.

So the only thing that Jawa could do, was to build their own bikes with horizontal mounted engines. During the four or five years, they built at least 4 or 5 prototypes with horizontal engines and many different rear suspension systems and rear forks. This particular model featured on this page is of the JAWA machine built in 1997/1998.

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