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The Jawa Ice Racer (1999)

The sport of Iceracing is very popular in countries such as Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Holland and many other countries. The main reasoning behind this of course is the simple fact that you require natural or artificial icetracks.

Over in America, especially North America (Canada / Alaska), there is plenty of ice in the winters and iceracing is a very popular sport in Canada, but on a totally different kind of machine than the iceracers with JAWA engines as featured in these Workshop Pages. In international iceracing, (on JAWA powered machines) you don't find American riders (with the exception of Ken Pieper) racing in Europe.

However in Assen, Ben Ludolphy spoke with American Michael Burnham, and he had bought from American JAWA dealer Bill Cody, an original 1999 JAWA iceracer for training, and he is planning to compete very soon with the top riders from Europe.

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