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The Jawa 881.0

Mention the name Jawa in Speedway or Iceracing circles, and you naturally think of them as being of the 500cc 4 Stroke design. But Jawa also made for both Speedway and Iceracing, some prototypes with 2-stroke engines.

The 2 photos* featured on this page came courtesy of Ben Ludolphy, who in turn had received them from Henk Doornbos, the father of 125 cc special rider Erik Doornbos from the Netherlands.

The machine in the photographs is of the prototype 881.0, and as you can see this machine is powered by a 2 stroke engine, which was built in 1992.

On this bike, you see not the tyres with spikes but rather normal tyres. The only other thing known about this machine is that this one is an ultralight, so of course we are eager to learn more about it. Any further information or technical specifications of this particular motor would be much appreciated.

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