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Batavus Mopeds

An archive of a Geocities site

This site is an archive of the pages known as Batavus Mopeds previously at Geocities Area 51.

Pages by: daehyllis at hotmail.com

Many of the original images are missing.

See also the main Batavus section.

About the Archives

Sources include:
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Some archives have been left much as they were when last active at their original location, and others have been changed. Modifications range from updating code and fixing spelling errors and broken links, to a complete redesign to current web standards.

In the case of missing images and media, replacements are installed as they are discovered. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Attempts have been made to contact the previous owners to obtain approval, but these have not always proved fruitful.

If you have information or a query about this archive please contact us