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Batavus Bingo Mopeds

The Batavus Bingo was made from the mid to late 70's. This moped had a Laura M48-02 single speed engine and was available in 20, 25, and 30 mph versions. The Bingo is very similar to the Batavus VA with the most noticable difference is the placement of the rear shocks.

I own a red Batavus Bingo V moped from the early to late 1970's. I know that this moped has a Laura M48-02 carburated engine, the manual that comes with the moped says it has a 40MPH top speed. My testing confirmed this. This moped also came in different models, since some have rear shocks, and mine does not. The Batavus Bingo also has a 3.5 litre gas tank installed from the factory. The fuel is a 1:25 ratio mixture with gasoline and two-stroke motor oil.
Steve, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Sources: Batavus Archive , correspondence, et al

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