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A Brief History of the Marque
Rijwielen- en Motorenfabriek NV of Amsterdam began bicycle production in 1922. Their first mopeds appeared around 1952 using initially Husqvarna and then Sachs engines. A popular model of the 1960s was the Cheetah, and they were early adopters of the disc brake. Production ceased in the early 1970s. The bicycle division had been sold to Batavus in 1969, so it is possible that the last of the mopeds were built there also.

  • Magneet A50 1952-53
    Magneet S50
    Magneet W50 1953-55
    Magneet M50 Supersport 1956
    Magneet B50 c.s. 1957-64
    Magneet Globemaster 1957-68
    Magneet Cheetah
    Magneet Sprintmaster
    Magneet Magnematic cs
    Magneet 27 Sport 1963-
    Magneet Commodore 1964-68
    Magneet Sportmaster 1964-66
    Magneet Thunderbird (Batavus Magneet TS49) 1968-72
    Magneet TS50 1970-72
    Magneet Mot o Mat 1970-72

Sources: Wikipedia NL, magneetclub.nl

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1967 mgneet globemaster royal export
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Magneet Globemaster 1960 of 1961
Do you have a Magneet Globemaster for sale?
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