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Welcome to The Bike Sheds: The site for enthusiasts of old motorcycles, and anyone who's just curious about them. Information for potential beginners, pictures of oldies that are actually used, extracts from old motorcycle magazines, and details of events, will all be found here.

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Last updated 6th August 2000

New addition: Large photos.If you have a fast modem, cable or ISDN connection, have a look at some of these. I've provided thumbnail pictures to make selection easier. So far I've only used digital camera pics as they're already stored at higher resolution than I usually use here. Let me know if you like the idea and I'll re-scan some "real" photos.

A couple of notes:

This site can now be reached as Except the alias doesn't seem to be working any more - I'll look into it.

Events: As regular visitors may have noticed, this site isn't updated as often as it was. Unfortunately I just don't have much time lately. So, from now on I won't be spending so much time trawling through various publications looking for events that may be of interest. I'll continue to post details of major happenings, but organisers should contact me if they want to be sure of getting their event mentioned.

I'm pleased to announce that the Vintage Motor Cycle Club have given me permission to use a few photographs from their monthly journal, The Vintage Motorcycle, on these pages. I will also be featuring other material as available, starting with the (in)famous Spagthorpe Whippet, and recently added: the story of the Dreadnought.

So what's your interest?

Maybe you've considered buying one

See the Beginners section for information on getting started.

Maybe you'd rather see some pictures?

Feedback suggests that these pictures are generally about the right size for viewing by people with a typical 28.8K modem. Unfortunately, limiting the size and using relatively high compression means that some detail is lost. If I receive enough requests and don't run out of web-space (and if I have the original photos), I may include some larger copies - Email me if there's anything you'd like to see in more detail.

Or how about the bike magazines of their day?

This spot will feature snippets from issues of The Motor Cycle magazine (or others if I can find some), which will be changed occasionally.

Events and Places

Shows, museums, major runs and major bike-only autojumbles - see the entry under Miscellaneous in the Contents panel. Also see under Miscellaneous for links to other old-bike related sites, the classification of old bikes by age, and some info about me. And if you haven't done so, you're invited to leave your opinion on the Guest Book.

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