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Some of my magazines contain quite interesting articles, e.g. two intrepid lady motorcyclists touring the West Country, 5000 miles on a Matchless Four, etc. There's also a road test by "Torrens" of the 4-cylinder twin-rear-wheeled Brough Superior of 1932 - with George Brough in the sidecar! They tend to run to 2 or 3 magazine pages - before I go to the trouble (and risk of damage) of scanning them, is anyone interested in reading them?

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The general idea here is to capture the atmosphere of vintage motorcycling (and post-vintage when I get around to the 1930's magazines). Unfortunately, though, the photo-reproduction quality in magazines of the twenties wasn't that good, so I can't scale down the larger pictures without making them unrecognisable, and even with my best efforts they aren't especially clear (nor are the originals). I'd welcome opinions on this idea - does it work, or is it a waste of effort because the files are too big to be worth the download time? (Or for any other reason).

If you like it, please remember my plea made elsewhere: I need more magazines, especially from the twenties or earlier. I'm prepared to pay for them - see "A plea for help" on the previous page. Without them, this section will remain very limited, as they rarely turn up at autojumbles any more, and specialist dealers are just too expensive.

In the following sections, file sizes are given where they are larger than the usual 50-60K taken by the colour photos elsewhere.

Images of 1920

Images of 1929