Today in Motorcycle History


These were very kindly donated by Dave Taylor of Devon; they're by Alan Puckett, who I must admit I've never heard of, but he can evidently draw motorcycles very well. The pictures here don't really do them justice - for some reason I found it much harder to get the colour right than when scanning photos. They're well worth a look, though.

Update - thanks to Murray Barnard for the following information:

Alan was born in Carolina USA in 1922. Alan has been drawing since the age of 7 and entered Yale Uni to begin formal training in art. He worked on industrial design before moving to Sydney NSW Australia to work as a freelance artist. He has a collection of antique cars and took up classic motorcycle racing with a passion. He had a beautiful Parilla 250 Sports road racer at one stage. The bikes you have featured appear in his classic work first published in 1977 - Classic Motorbikes by Alan Pukett with photography by Warren Penney. the book features wonderful paintings and photographs of some 30 machines.

And a further update - I've now been in touch with Alan, who tells me the pictures originally came from a book of his. Oops. Fortunately he's happy to have them on show here, and has kindly allowed me to update those which also exist on his site at [404] to improve the quality - and I've added a couple more. There are many others on Alan's site, but I don't feel I should copy any more of them; go have a look yourself, it's well worth it.

1952 Ariel Red Hunter

1939 Velocette MSS

1935 AJS Model 35/8

1929 BSA Sloper

1952 Royal Enfield Bullet

1946 Panther Model 60

1954 AJS 7R

1938 Scott Flying Squirrel

Alan Puckett Classic car and motorcycle artist.