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The photographs on the VMCC pages, unless otherwise stated, are taken from The Vintage Motor Cycle, the monthly journal of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club, and are reproduced here by kind permission of the VMCC. The photographer is credited where known.


1918 Triumph

1930 Royal Enfield

1930 Royal Enfield 350 (David Davies)

1929 Sunbeam Model 9

East Herts member Heather Wadsworth aboard her 1929 Model 9 Sunbeam at the 1997 Jubilee Manx Rally (Don Warren)

1959 Triumph Speed Twin
VMCC member Fran Haidon, 1959 Triumph Speed Twin, on the Cotswold Ladies Trial (Christine Pritchard)

A pair of vintage Ariels
1929 and 30 Ariels stop for a break on the 1996 International West Kent Run (David Davies)

VMCC Race scene
Some people might call this sacrilege, but most VMCC members won't agree. The bikes were raced in their day, they're raced now. The VMCC is about riding bikes, not static displays. (Nigel Clark)

1930 Dirt Track Norton

1913 Triumph Smoker

The Dreadnought
see the article 'Pocket Battleship'


The following is from Issues 2 and 3 of "Piece of Cake", the VMCC Banbury Section newsletter. It is reproduced thanks to editor Alan Yeomans.

The Spagthorpe Whippet

"Pocket Battleship" is the story of the Dreadnought, probably the world's first "special". From the 2nd Golden Jubilee special edition of The Vintage Motor Cycle.

Pocket Battleship: The Dreadnought Story