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Bike Sheds Questionnaire

NB: It seems the question "What should never be removed" is a bit ambiguous. I'm not talking about removing any whole sections; I want to know what individual items you think should always be kept. If you have a particular favourite photo, article or whatever, this is your chance to vote for it.

Important: Please don't ask questions in the Comments section: as this form is mailed to me from this web-site, it comes with my own Email address as the sender, so I don't know who to reply to.

Please take a couple of minutes to fill this in, I need to know what people want to see on this site:

What is your favourite area on this site?



Post Vintage

Later Bikes


VMCC Pages


No favourite

What (if anything!) were you especially pleased to find here?

And what do you think is a waste of space?

Due to restricted space, some items will occasionally be removed to make way for others (this does not apply to the Beginners or Miscellaneous sections). What, in your opinion, should never be removed, because all new visitors should be able to see it/them (feel free to choose several items: photos, articles etc.)

Finally, please check the statements that you agree with:

The bigger pictures are too big

The magazine photos aren't good enough quality to bother with

I'd like more articles from old magazines

I'd like more pictures from old magazines

I'd like more 'Current Chat' items

Any other comments?