Today in Motorcycle History

Some Old Photos

I found these at an autojumble - they're mostly reprints of very old photos relating to a chap called Joubert Miles, an engineer and cycle, motorcycle and three-wheeler builder from Sharpness in Gloucestershire. There are many more than I've posted here, but unfortunately most of them are too faded to scan well. Most of them show vehicles outside Joubert's shop - presumably those that he sold. There is however an Australian connection, as several adverts from old Brisbane papers are included, and a couple of the photos shown here are Australian.

Unfortunately most of the photos have no caption - maybe you can identify the vehicles?

Unidentified Veteran bike

Possibly Mr. Miles and a customer?

An old Douglas in a more recent photo - Australian?

One of Joubert's early customers?

Triumph, c1912, in a studio

And the following isn't one from the autojumble collection, but was sent to me by Dennis Dyck of Saskatchewan, Canada. I've put it here because it's very similar in style, and it's also unidentified. Can anyone name it? I think it's French or Belgian, but that's about all I can guess.

An unidentified early V-twin

Another old photo from a site visitor: also unidentified, but probably a Triumph:

Grandad's Bike