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Where are they now?


Have you ever wondered what happened to that old bike you used to own?

To start the section off, Dave Lester, of Andover, UK, asks on behalf of his 75 year old grandfather if anyone knows the whereabouts of a Vincent Black Shadow, registration HOW 660.

nigelhillman at
Vincent Black Shadow HOW660
Picture of Vincent Black Shadow HOW660
"Where are they now?" Feature
Vincent Black Shadow 1949 engine 1951 frame
Not sure how old your enquiry is in "where are they now".
I was the registered keeper of Vincent Black Shadow HOW660 in the 1970's during which time I carried out a complete ground-up refurb with the machining work being carried out by the late Tony Maughan. Sadly I parted company with it when the owner moved to North Devon. I too would like to know of its current whereabouts.
Nigel Hillman
Trowbridge, Wilts, UK

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