Today in Motorcycle History

The following photos are all much larger than those found elsewhere on the site - the file sizes are mainly in the region of 150 to 300Kb. Some of them are larger and/or higher-resolution versions of those found elsewhere on the site, others are only found here, because they don't scale down well.


1921 Ricardo: Yes it is. Books will tell you that production started in 1922, but models were on show in October 1921. This one has been verified as 1921 by the VMCC's marque specialist.

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1914 and 1924 James 1928 AJS Brough Superior
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1904 James H Smith 1912 New Hudson 1926 Norton (Model 18?)
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ca.1922 Quadrant 1904 Quadrant Tri-car 1921 Triumph Ricardo
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1919 Rudge Multi 1955 Ariel Square Four 1927 Sunbeam TT90
1910 Yale img
1910 Yale 1925 Zenith Triumph Tiger 100