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I've decided to add this statement of my intentions for this site, as I occasionally get requests for more later bikes to be included, and quite a few requests for stock lists, valuations, etc.

Firstly, this is not a business. I don't sell bikes or spares, or anything else, nor do I give valuations on people's bikes - as my main home page says, I run a computer consultancy business, not an old bike business. Old bikes are my hobby, that's all. I'll suggest sources for spares and information when I can, but I can't help with anything else.

Secondly, my attitude regarding this site's content is the same as my views on runs and meetings: there are plenty of post-war bikes around, and I'm trying to redress the balance a bit. This site is mostly for pre-war bikes, and I'm glad to say that the majority of responses to my survey seem to support this. That's not to say I won't keep the existing post-war bikes or even add more, but there's no point in complaining that there's not enough Commandos or Bonnevilles here - it's intentional. There are dozens - probably hundreds - of sites featuring bikes from the Sixties and Seventies, and some of them are included in my Links section. This site is primarily for bikes up to the Thirties, and magazines and other photos from the same period.

Thanks for listening...