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Batavus Bronco 1972

My Batavus 

This is my 1972 Batavus Bronco. It's got a Laura M48-02 engine. The speedometer shows 537 miles on it but the speedo cable is broke so who knows how many actual miles are on it. It was in pretty rough shape when I bought it. I've since cleaned it up and started making note of what needs to be fixed.

1. broken speedo cable
2. loose front brake
3. rusted gas tank
4. pulley unusable 
5. clutch cable sticks
6. slightly bent rear rim
7. pedal shaft too short
8. pedals don't match
9. rusty chain guard
10. missing rear light
11. seat covering loose

December 2nd, 2000
Removed some of the electrical tape which was holding some of the cables in place. I'm going to replace them with plastic tie wraps which are a lot cleaner.

 December 1st, 2000
I got a new longer pedal shaft made at a local machine shop.

 June 2001
I had the bike out for a short ride today and burned out the clutch. The slotted part of the clutch that spins the crank was rounded out. My local machine shop were able to fix it i'm still having trouble getting the clutch to engage. I found a rear wheel on ebay.com which is will replace once i get the bike running again. 

July 18th, 2001
I spent a few hours today working on the clutch and finally got it to engage. My Batavus finally came back to life. A few weeks ago I found some clamp on mirrors that are stainless steel and suite the moped better than the plastic ones that all the bike shops sell.

Aug 8th, 2001
I changed the rear wheel on my bike because the one on it has a warped rim. I also tightened the rear brakes. I replaced the speedometer cable so I can actually see how fast the bike goes. So far the top speed is around 32mph.

Aug 19th, 2001
I removed the snow mobile fuel filter that the previous owner installed. I still need to get a fuel line joiner to but in the place where the filter was before the Bat' will run again.

my Batavus my broken headlight speedometer
engine left side of motor right side of motor
gas tank handle bars broken rear light
engine front moped and scooter clutch pieces

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