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Batavus Moped Parts Diagrams

Laura M48 Diagrams:
Laura M48-92 engine cutaway
Laura M48-02 engine and Electrical 1
Laura M48-02 engine and Electrical 2
Laura M48-02 engine and Electrical 3

Laura M48 Engine

Air cooled single cylinder two-stroke
40mm bore x 38mm stroke = 47.78cc - (1.57in x 1.49in = 2.91cu in.)
Maximum power 2.4bhp at 5000rpm.
Cast-iron cylinder barrel and aluminum-alloy head.
Compression ratio 7:1.
Roller main bearings.
3 port cylinder with reed valve, Encarwi S22 Carburettor (Encarwi-Bing). Pedal start used in conjunction with clutch-lock lever.
Belt drive from crankshaft to centrifugal clutch

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