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Batavus Mopeds FAQ

Q: Does Batavus still make mopeds?
A: No, Batavus stopped making mopeds in 1983 (approx), and no longer sells parts for their mopeds.

Q: Where can I get a replacement plastic cover for the clutch (clutch hub) for my Batavus?
A: Someone has made after market covers that you can now buy from the the Moped Junkyard.

Q: I have a Batavus (insert model here) moped, what is it worth?
A: It all depends on supply and demand. Some of these old bikes in good shape can go for over $1000. It is also possible to find them for under $100. It basically depends what someone is willing to pay.

Q: How can I tell what year my Batavus is?
A: You can usually find the year stamped on a metal plate on the bottom of the engine or on the rear fender.

Q: Where can I get parts for my Batavus (insert model here) moped?
A: If you go to the "Parts" section of this site there is a list of companies that sell parts for more Batavus mopeds. Just send them an e-mail telling them want parts you need.

Q: Where can I get a manual for my moped?
A: You can order a repair manual from The Moped Warehouse.

Q: Where can I get more info about my Batavus moped?
A: All the info that I have about each model is on this site. If you're looking for more info than is on this site, I would suggest finding some old moped books from the 70's or early 80's.

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