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Willy G Ducati Roundcase Alternator 

Ducati Roundcase Alternator and Stator Upgrade for 750GT and 750 Sport. An Archive of Willy G's Site.

This site is an archive of the pages known as 
Ducati Roundcase Bevel Engine Alternator Conversion
previously at http://willyg.homelinux.net/Alternator/index.html

Pages By: Willy Gonnason

The site has been offline for some time, and the only known copy available as of Jan 2011, other than this, is at the Wayback Machine. If the original owner would like to reclaim the site, please, just say the word and all these pages will be redirected to your new site, or if you so desire, removed entirely. 

The original Ducati 750 roundcase engines came from the factory with a barely adequate alternator. These pages are a guide to upgrading.

Willy G Ducati Roundcase Alternator

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