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Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica by Brooke Henry, 2020

Ducati master re-creates Mike Hailwood's Isle of Man-winning motorcycle

"They say that motorcycles are built to transport people, but Ducatis are built to transport the soul," he said.

"The only thing is, you do not have any control over emus and wildlife, kangaroos running out of the bush, all that sort of thing.

rmmr.rr71 at gmail.com
Ducati diana 250 1964
I am looking for a project to restore Italian-made Ducati diana, with documents
Rui Manuel Marques Romão

Wed, 04 Oct 2017
nrustwijk at gmail.com
Ducati 50 SL/1-1966

I'm building and driving vintage mopeds. One of them is a Ducati 50 SL/1 i would iike a original seat for this moped. Possible? Thanks.
Copenhagen Denmark

Mon Feb 06 2017
trond4u at live.no
Ducati cc100 Mountanieer,1967 mod
Bolognia Ducati cc100 Mountanieer, 1967 mod
I can not find any photos, or info whatsoever , that is simular to my bike? I have no fan and no cover around the cylinder?

Sun Aug 21 2016
sherbs at pullman.com
65? or 66?
Ducati Scrambler
65 had 19 wheels front and back, no battery, no speedo, heel and toe shifter
Washington State

I purchased a new 1965 scrambler in April of 65 from a shop in Pasco Washington.  I lived in Othello WA.   In 1971 I moved to Pullman WA. Here I bought a used 1966 scrambler from the original owner, still have both. Also I bought all the Ducati items from Mac's Cycle, Lewiston, Idaho. Mac quite Ducati about 1970? Have all the old parts books etc. Here is a picture of me and my nephew, Scott Sherbert. He now has http://www.screwydesignsautobody.com/  set him on the front of the tank, he held onto the crossbar and we rode around the neighborhood. The 65 came with struts to replace the rear socks to make it a hard tail, for flat tracking??  Also 4 extra rear sprockets each with 5 more teeth. They also came with knobby tires, I was using the bike to go to college in Pasco, 80 miles round trip so had the street tires put on. Oh and just a straight exhaust pipe, no muffler. Our neighbors loved me at 7 am leaving for school. 


Wed May 30 2012
mikyllanos<at> yahoo.com.ar
Ducatti Cucciolo modelo Raro (cuadro-frame)
Cucciolo 48.aprox 1948.. Cucciolo Sport..asiento largo
Estoy armando esta moto cucciolo, el manubrio bajo tipo sport.asiento largo simil a garelli 75.amortiguadores zenith.rod 26",sin volante magnetico(faltante bobinas tambien)sin carburador.
Listed under Zanella

Sun Dec 06 2015
peg.writeluv at verizon.net
Brevetti Silentium Mufflers
Ducati 750 Sport
Please tell me a little about the Brevetti Company. I have a pair of stock 1990 Brevetti Silentium mufflers I'm trying to sell, but I would like to learn more about the company that made them. I can't find any information. Thank you very much.

More on Silentium

Wed May 21 2014
dennis-hartside at hotmail.com
Mototrans Ducati parallel twins
Ducati 500 GTL
Hi.I have just bought a ducati parallel twin. The frame looks like a spanish version (No MD 350627)and the engine has the oil cooler and oil feed going into the top of the cyl head form the cooler. (No DM.1 501346) its running ok so I dont want to mess with it. Can anyone tell me if its the Desmo or valve sprung type engine please. Thanks. Dennis
UK durham<

The GTL is the sprung valve engine. The SD500, aka the 500 Sport Desmo, is the uh.. desmo version. Both are referred to somewhat unkindly by some as the paralysed twin.

Sun Feb 26 2012
Ducati 750 GT
I welcome I have Ducati 750 GT and I need precise dimensions of the back of the frame, from shock absorbers I thank

Mon Nov 07 2011
alextjundho<at>yahoodot com
need assistance
ducati 98S
I think, I have ducati 98S for more than 5 years. I need your assistance to complete the accessories like Tail Lamp, carburator, name plate Ducati, please advice.

Wed Oct 05 2011
motorcycle rims 36 hole
borrani 63 ducati 250 n/c
will borrani 18 rear and 19" front 36 hole rims fit 63 ducati 250 scrambler hubs and spokes
Portland Oregon,USA

Thu Nov 17 2011
efedor<at>yahoodot com
1958 Ducati 125
Ducati 125 open cradle frame
I own this bike but have not seen many pics or info on it. Can you provide me info and perhaps showcase it on your website?

Sun Sep 04 2011
valve oil seal
Ducati 1973 750 GT
I am having a problem with the horizontal exhaust valve seal dislocating after about three starts. The result is that I start burning the oil that and smoke coming from the exhaust. I have replaced the valve oil seal three times with the aqua colored seal, bedded it with a 12mm socket and this still doesn't hold the seal in place. Any solutions? Should I use some form of sealant to "glue" the rubber to the valve guide, or use a different valve seal?
Grand Rapids, MI

Thu Jul 14 2011
Glass of the oil checker
Ducati Indiana 750
Dear all,
I have a Ducati Indiana 750 and im having a lot of trouble to find the glass for the oil checker mine is craked and i loose a bit of oil from there. can somebody help me?

Mon Jul 11 2011
late model(1974) ducati scr 250 road
ducati 250scr
this bike has aluminum id plate staked to the headstock all language and values are in french and the tag reads "ducati meccanica" at the top and then "import' d'italie" date stamping is damaged but could be 1972 or 73,
can any one share some info with me on this model
kalispell montana

Sun Nov 14 2010
d.i.t<at>bigponddot com
ducati 1986 750 f1
Hi, I am looking for gold wheels off a S model F1 Ducati, do you have information on them.


Fri Jul 30 2010
jaguar186<at>junodot com
Photo wanted
1968-69 Ducati 350cc 1968-69 Ducati 350cc
I am looking for a photo of a 1968-69 350 cc Ducati.

I had one and over the years the photos have disappeared.
Mine was candy apple red/chrome.
Anyone who might have a picture they could send it would be appreciated.


Tue Mar 16 2010
david.figg1<at>btinternetdot com
neutral switch
ducati pantah 500 sl
Hi,I am trying to locate the neutral indicator switch,maybe it is blanked off,I need to get the indicator as working,if there is not a switch where can I obtain such item?

Fri Nov 20 2009
michaelseanmartin at yahoodot com
what do I have?
ducati 250 pictures
Can anyone help me figure out what year and model this bike is??
Idaho, usa

Tue Oct 20 2009
brianpettett at hotmaildot com
Ducati 1978 750ss
I am looking for a set of Borrani rims as when i bought the bike 25yrs ago it had Akront on it.Would appreciate any help on this matter,

Oct 24th 2009
Ducati Brio Scooters (48, 100, etc.) around 60 scooters in total were exported to Australia in the 1960s.

Sat Sep 26 2009
davondle at gmaildot com
Ducati Performance Parts Carbon Mirror
Ducati Monster S4Rs
Need a left mirror part # 96926701A. A carbon fiber mirror for Monster discontinued by Ducati. Know where I can locate one? Thanks
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Mon Jul 20 2009
edgardo at rial.com.ar
Ducati 125 ts año 1967
Tengo una Ducati 125 ts eS COMO LA Ducati 1967 Turismo 125 pero con las cachas cromadas si tienen alguna informacion para ayudarme a resurar de los agradesco

Sat Apr 25 2009
diego.montefusco at tiscali.it
Ducati wrongly identified on your website
ducati 85 Sport
hi there! the bike in pics

https://cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/ ducati/Ducati-1953-98-Turismo-1.htm and the two following pics is NOT a 1953 98 Turismo but a 1960 85 Sport

Cagliari, Italy

Jan 2009
The pictures of this mail show an EGLI Ducati roundcase currently under construction ...
Listed under Egli

Fri Jan 23 2009
davidfigg at talktalk.net
silentium ducati pantah 500 sl
Hi,I require a nearside silentium silencer for my ducati pantah500sl

    Very limited information under Exhausts

Mon Jan 19 2009
galvinducati at hotmaildot com
brake disc
scarab ducati 750s 1973
am looking for a scarab disc for my ducati 750s 1973

Very limited information under Brakes

Sun Oct 26 2008
demcinfo at aapt.net.au
Info for ducati 400 ss junior 1988
Ducati 400 ss 1988 march
do you know i can obtain any information on the above bike.


Wed Sep 10 2008
gosborn at unl.edu
250 scrambler 1968 front wheel removal
Ducati 1968 250 scrambler
I need to know how to remove the front wheel. I took the nut off and nothing freed up. What next?

From: velomosquito at hotmail.com> Date: 25 July 2008 5:22:38 PM>

hernan soriano> madrid> >
Greetings> I am a Spanish professional> Some days ago it has arrived to my hands a very interesting piece> A ducati 60 sport, the first motorcycle designed entirely by the Italian mark (1949)>  Restored and in operation> Alone I write them for if it could be interesting for you or some of their clients> Don't doubt to consult any doubt> Hernán soriano

dicati 60 sport Nº 00732

Sun Feb 17 2008
66 MONZA 250-5 SPEED
Ducati Monza 250
Just got bike and was curious on the gear pattern?

subject: 65 monza
Email: indchief1901 at msndot com
message: just got and i know the the owner well he said it last ran 3 years ago and it needs only a battery and fluid change.little rust in tank any idea what to use to clean inside of tank and what plug should i use to replace and is 15w50 the right oil to change it with help if possible thanks so much

subject: Ducati
Email: ebonito1 at iprimus.com.au
message: Can you please tell me the price of a DUCATI 175 cc supersport, I think was made around 1968 or 70's the bike is in excelent conditions Thank you

Tue Jan 15 2008
dcart125 at yahoo.com.au
neutral warning light switch
ducati 900 S2 replica 1984
hello, im searching for a neutral warning light switch for a ducati 900 S2 1984
sydney, Australia

Sun Dec 16 2007
baaijens34 at zonnet.nl
ducati monza 160 junior 1968-70
have a 40 year old monza 160 junior and missing some parts ( headstand, shiftpedal, footrests passenger,
and some more plaese contact if you have some
veghel, the netherlands

Wed Nov 14 2007
radileon at gmaildot com
Ducati 125 Sport
Salve,sarei interessato all'acquisto di uno o due Ducati 125 Sport.
Posso avere qualche notizia?

Mon Nov 05 2007
tdandrws at ihug.co.nz
Ducati Indiana 650 1986/87
I'm looking for a headlight that goes left on hi-beam. These would have been fitted to bikes in the UK, Australia and NZ (ie: countries that drive on the left side of the road). Hopefully these are available at a resonable cost somewhere.......... Thanks for any assistance
New Zealand

Sat Sep 29 2007
jojo-usn at yahoodot com
Ducati 748S
 My Ducati 748 has been in storage while I finished my Naval service overseas. It's only seen about a 100 miles in the Sun over the last 3 years so I decided to send it to the shop to have have brakes and fluids changed and have the tires checked out as well. Just a basic road safety check-up.
 Then I get "the call." While checking out my bike the mechanic dropped the entire tail section of my bike scratching the paint and cracking the fairing somehow to a point beyond repair! They have told me they will pay to "fix" my bike but then they got worried when they realized I have a custom "Senna" paintjob that was done when I bought the bike new in Naples, Italy.
 The last message I got from the dealership was that they were gonna have to order the part from Bologna and then send it out to see if they can find someone who can match the paint. So far they have been pretty nice to me and I have somehow managed not to blow my cool over the damage to my baby.
 I guess my question for you is this.. What are they obligated to do? I don't wanna screw them over but I don't want to be taken advantage of by being so "understanding" either.
Respectfully, Christian Files
US Navy-Retired
New Jersey

Thu Aug 02 2007
wflight at esc.net.au
Ducati 750 Paso Starter Removal
750 Paso
What holds the starter in place. have found one external screw at front of timing (LHS) housing. Do I need to go inside this housing for more screws?
AUS Adelaide

Assuming the Pantah has the same setup, this page shows that the starter motor is secured by three screws: pantah.5starl.com/disassembly/starter/ (404)

Wed Aug 01 2007
john-chisholm27 at yahoo.com
Restarting after storage
1987 Ducati Paso 750cc
Hello I have a 1987 Ducati Paso 750cc been parked for a long time might have oil leak otherwise seems fine. Any ideas on a restart procedure on this bike.
Honolulu Hi.

Drain fuel from tank and carby bowl, add fresh fuel. Recharge or replace battery. Remove plugs and add a teaspoon of penetrating oil to each cylinder. Wind the engine over a half-dozen times no choke no throttle ignition off, but with fuel on.

Ignition on, choke, tiny bit of throttle, hit the starter. If no joy after 30 seconds, stop. Don't just keep winding it over or you'll cook the starter.

Try a bit of Aerostart or some other starting gas - spray it into the airbox, not too much. This time, use no choke or half choke. If still no joy, check spark, fuel supply and compression.

Sat Jul 28 2007
gdemaine at bigpond.com.au
750 Super Sport
1973 Ducati 750 Sport (black frame)
Here is my beloved 750 Sport which (sadly), I sold 20 years ago.
Love your site.
Cheers Greg

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Mon Jun 11 2007
tal35-sav99 at usa.net
Old Ducati
not sure
Looking to find out the model of this and worth if I parted it out?

Thu May 03 2007
andre at morissette.ca
manufacturier de "headlight" de ducati
Je cherche le manufacturier des phares avant de la ducati 999.. j'ai le nom de CES, une compagnie italienne.. mais je ne la trouve pas sur le web... pouvez-vous m'aider?
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Translation: I seek the manufacturer of the headlights before ducati 999. I have the name of CES, an Italian company [CEV?]. but I on the Web... can you do not find it help me?

Sat Apr 14 2007
cmarrocco at msndot com
wiring diagram<
1965 diucati diana
Please send any info on where to locate a wiring diagram<

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Feb 04 2007
ironmike61 at charter.net
1966 Monza 160 advertisment
I have a advertisment poster featuring an actor in the picture throwing a leg over the a 1966 Monza 160. I'm wondering if anybody knows who it is.
Duluth, MN

Sat Feb 03 2007
bfrew at aapt.net.au
hello, wanting to know if someone could help me. Wishing to rebuild carbs (dell'orto 40mm) and maybe someone who has done this can advise. Wanting to get the bevel to run at it's best. Any advice please as i am a novice. Thanks bryan

Wed Jan 03 2007
axledwarf at axledwarf.co.uk
Please update your 750 sport (89)
Ducati 750 Sport
I looked on your site for a picture of my machine, you may use this to add to the brochure pics...


Tue Nov 28 2006
m.giannecchini at novimpiantidot com
Ignition Marelli for SS 900
SS 900 1990
Cerco una centralina Marelli Digiplex 2S MED 442A

Sun Oct 22 2006
smkordis at excitedot com
Ducati carbs
1988 Paso 750
I have Weber carbs on my Paso, and am thinking of changing to Mikuni's or Del'Orto's. I would be interested in hearing from others and which units they have used.
Ohio, USA

Sun Sep 24 2006
jimmy.de.cree at pandora.be

Ducati 50 SL1 1969
ducati did not only produce motorcycles but olso mopeds hers mine, aquired in 2001
zemst (belgie)

Mon May 29 2006
tommynorton at ntlworlddot com
pantah engine-head+barrell change over
ducati-indianas / cagiva.
hello. can 900cc.pantah [elephant]-barrells be put on a 750cc.pantah-engine. what heads can be used, is the stroke the same. what mods would need done if any. 1989 eng.thanks.tommy.

hello i have 3 duc / cagiva indiana's 2 X650cc. 1 X 750cc. also a spare frame that i am going to do a special with. i am selling off 2 of these [ house-sale]. [ is there a 900cc pantah-eng. ] i thought i seen one in an elephant or an alazzurra. can i fit the barrells and heads of one off these engines onto my 750cc. or is it too much hassle. or can 900cc monster barrells and heads be used. i am thinking of triking the spare-frame and fitting a 900cc. carb monster engine. any help would be greatly appreciated. tommy.

I believe the engine mounts are different between the 750 and 900 engines, and the 900 barrells have a larger stud spacing than the 750 and hence won't fit. Ed.

April 9th 2005
Ducati Indiana
tommynorton at ntlworlddot com
i have 3 duc. indiana's. they have the same square frame as some of the elephants, only twin rear shocks. they were only made from 1987-1990, and have the pantah 650+750cc. engines. i am shifting house so i need to sell of 1 or 2 of them to give me room. i have a spare frame that i am going to put a twin disc front-end in. if i can find out which square framed elephant had the twin -disc. i will use there yokes. i have a great pair of 38mm duc-forks. twin-disc, so i am hoping the elephant yokes are 38 or even 40mm. i know the allazzura-has a twin-disc front end, but they and are 35mm, the later one's even has the same-wheels as mine. but the bottom yoke is the problem i need the yoke stem to take a 25mm.bore bearing.// not the 26mm than is on my GT-twin-yokes that i have . the head -stock on the square-frame elephant will be the same length as mine, but the alazzura head stock is 6mm. shorter. at the end of the day i want to put in a twin-disc front end, [ duc-cagiva if possible. any help would be greatly appreciated. any help would be greatly-appreciated. thanks-tommy.

April 9th 2005
Ducati Forks
these are the forks i hope to use. they are 38mm. the ones in the indys are 40mm, but only single-disc. you would probably know more about forks etc. than me. thanks-tommy.

These forks are almost certainly from a Ducati 750 Sport or GT of 1973 vintage. They will accept Lockheed, Scarab or special Brembo calipers. I think they are made by Ceriani. They're fairly primitive compared to the forks fitted standard to the Indiana, and are probably worth a good deal to a collector.

thanks for taking the time to help. do these 750 sport-forks work -well. a lot of people have took interest in them when i showed them. i take it there hard to get hold of, they are in great cond that's one of the reasons i want to use them. is it the forks that would be worth a few bob to the right person, or the calipers. the c. to c. caliper-holes on the sport-slider would be 88mm. would calipers be hard to get. the rear indy  caliper is 84mm c. to c. [ i thought i was lucky there. but maybe 4pot would be better] if i could pick up a forks slider / sock, but a right hand side- the same pattern as the indy 40mm. with twin disc mounts. that would be very- handy. the indy-slider has the cagiva elephant stamped on the bottom near the axle holes, i am still hoping that elephant forks might work out. the stanchions- are 3" shorter on the 750.sport-forks, but i will get away with it as i have lowered the front 30mm anyway. and the indy frame still sits approx 200mm. high-- and that's with her lowerer 30mm. i want her low like a streetfighter. she is a high bike, so i should get away with it. if i am stuck and shop around i could pick up a top-yoke that [ elbows ] drops down. i will put a 900cc. monster engine in her, [ carb-model ] . st2 duc- rear-hugger fits these swinging-arms well. probably red./ yellow. well thanks again for letting me bend your ear. where abouts are you usa. thanks tommy.

As I said, those forks are very old technology, and cannot be expected to work anywhere
near as well as modern forks, Tommy. As well as the bikes previously mentioned, they are
also fitted to Greenframe SS's, so that may give you a clue as to what they're worth.
Original calipers of the types mentioned will not be easy to come by or cheap, unless you
get really lucky. Strongly recommend selling the leading axle forks and getting something closer to the originals. And if you're serious about turning the bike into a real motorcycle, why not just sell the Indianas and replace them with the bike I personally think is the
best road bike ever made - a Monster. :)

Sat Mar 18 2006
jfish at wyotech.edu
195? Ducati americano
My father has a late 50s Ducati americano that he had in high school and has just now reaquired. I would like as much info on this bike as possible and a place to find old ducati parts. Thanks
Laramie Wy, USA

Vintage Ducati parts may be obtained from
Road and Race and Ducati Gowanloch
Also try the Ducati section of Bikelinks

Ducati at Bikelinks

If you have a query or information about Ducati motorcycles please contact us