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A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Giorgio Nepoti, Rino Caracchi and Luigi Rizzi had a workshop in Borgo Panigale in 1967, within cooee of the Ducati factory. There they created racing machines based on production Ducati models.

In close co-operation with Ducati engineers and designers including the likes of Taglioni they produced a string of excellent competition machines, best known of which is the Ducati 900NCR which Mike Hailwood took to victory on the Isle of Man in 1978.

NCR fielded the first official Ducati racing team.[1] Rizzi had left by this stage, so the R stood for Racing. Their performance drew worldwide attention and many high-calibre riders campaigned on Ducati-NCR machines, Wayne Gardner and Freddie Spencer among them.

In more recent years they have released production racing models - the Millona of 2005 the first, designed and produced almost entirely in-house.

Notes. 1. Not quite official. Long story.

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