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I have a 1953 AJS Model 18 500cc Single. This was bought as a complete wreck for the purpose of restoration. This bike is a complete source of joy and frustration to me. I have been restoring it for about 5 years or more and another 5 will see it done, mostly because I spend too much time on my computer or studying. All of the work has been undertaken by myself and I have done about 70% so far, in other words all the easy bits are done. All my friends say I should show you a photo, but I am too ashamed, however you can see a picture of what an 18S looks like.


At the End of the Second World War, Britain needed to stimulate her economies and move into peace time. At this time there was a shortage of transport for the common man. Associated Motor Cycles released in the June of 1945 two brand new motorcycles. The AJS 16M of 348cc and the AJS 18S of 497cc. In July they released two more motorcycles the Matchless G3L of 348cc and the Matchless G80 of 497cc.

These bikes were essentially pre war models fitted with Teledraulic forks fitted and both Marques were the same except for minor differences. The most noticable difference was the Matchless Magneto is to the rear of the cylinder and the AJS is to the front.Other differences were the logo's on the Timing cover and the Tank Badges.

These models stayed the same until 1949 when they introduced rear suspension, the Candlestick. Models changed again in 1952 with the introduction of the famous Jampot rear suspension, and the change to the Burman B52 gearbox.

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