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FB-AJS motorcycles were produced from 1974 to 1981, by 'Fluff' Brown, near Andover, Hampshire.

British industry had been in turmoil for several years prior to 1974 and this resulted in 'Fluff' Brown being able to buy the remains of the AJS two-stroke business that had started in 1967. That year he began to concentrate on spares and the machines already in existence. The intention was to provide affordable spares to the average clubman as well as trail, motocross and enduro machines. These motorcycles were tough, durable and handled well.

Based on a common stroke, engine sizes were 247cc and 368cc and these drove a four-speed gearbox all installed in a chassis with good suspension.

Business continued this way until 1981, by which time some of the last machines were fitted with Rotax engines.

After that the company concentrated mainly on the supply of spares and then complete machines under both the AJS and Cotton names.

Source: Graces Guide

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