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AJS 1938 Silver Streak


Motor cyclist sportsmen will assuredly be attracted by the 1938 model "Silver Streak" A.J.S. machines, now on display at British Motor Cycle Co.'s Adelaide-street showrooms.

They are what may aptly be termed "the answer to a sportsman's dream."

Offering the established and long recognised high quality of A.J.S. machines, the new models have many detail improvements and refinements also, which provide better perform ances and desire for ownership.

However, there is something else about the Silver Streak A.J.S. which commands instant attention, and that is they are chromium plated from front to back wheel, relieved with attractive black tank panels, with dull blue "A.J.S." transfers. In addition they are fitted with highly-tuned engines, and would make ideal competition mounts.

They are available in three models - 38/18 (250 c.c), 38/22 (350 c.c), and 38/26 (500 c.c), and are well worthy of inspection.

Worker (Brisbane, Qld.) Tue 28 Dec 1937

Trove NLA

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