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AJS 1932 Models

T2 SV V-Twin 85.5 x 85.5 982cc
T5 OHV 74x81 348cc
T7 OHC 70 x 90 346cc Competition
T8 84x90 499cc
T10 79 x101 495cc Competition

New A.J.S. Models.

Thirtieth Year of Production.

With the introduction of the 1932 A.J.S. machines, which are known as series T, the famous English factory has now entered upon its 30th year in the motor cycle industry. Several improvements are incorporated in the new models, which are now being displayed in Brisbane.

THE period from 1902 to 1932 can be looked back upon by the manufacturers with justifiable pride and satisfaction. During that time A.J.S. engineers and designers have never relaxed In their endeavours to produce better motor cycles, the achievements and research have gone steadily forward, and the popularity of the A.J.S. machine has increased not only throughout the British Isles but in all parts of the world.

Today the A.J.S. machines can be found in almost every part of the world, giving pleasure, service, and satisfaction to their owners. Always the factory's aim is to produce nothing but the best, and the design and workmanship which have made A.J.S. motor cycles so popular in the past are again featured in the latest models. The range for 1932 comprises models for all classes, from the lightweight touring model T5 to the high-speed sports de luxe models.

All 1932 models are fitted with inclined engines, and other modern features. One of the most important refinements, is the provision of an oil bath front chain case, assuring silence, reliability,, and long life for the chain. Transmission shocks are now eliminated with the fitting of a new type of very efficient shock ab sorber on the engine shaft, which gives the rider sweet running in slow top gear. The instrument panel is fitted neatly to the top of the tank; it incorporates speedometer, clock, ammeter, and switches, which operate the indirect dash light. The new productions retain the quickly detachable rear wheel, which allows the wheel to be removed without interference to the chains and brakes, which parts remain on the I frame when the wheel is entirely removed.

On the side-valve models the cylinder head is redesigned, and now adopts a principle somewhat similar to a car type engine, which allows the cylinder head to be removed in a few minutes without interference to the valves or adjustments. The 1932 A.J.S. models will be noted for their silence, power, flexibility, performance, smooth running, economy, accessibility, and reliability, whilst detailed refinements and improvements incorporated all contribute toward greater comfort and safety on the road.

The Queensland distributors for A.J.S. machines is the British Motor Cycle Company, of 247 Adelaide Street, which is now displaying the full range of the 1932 A.J.S., Rudge, and Douglas motor cycles.

The Brisbane Courier Thu 19 May 1932

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