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AJS 1928 K10 500cc OHC
Photo by Hans Denzel
  • K1 74 x 93 799cc V-Twin
    K2 V-Twin
    K3, K4, K5 SV 74 x 81 349cc
    K6 OHV
    K7 OHC 74 x 81 349cc Competition
    K8 OHV 84 x 90 498cc
    K9 SV
    K10 OHC 84 x 90 498cc Competition
    K12 SV 65 x 75 248cc
    KR6 OHV 74 x 81 349cc Competition
    KR8 OHV 84 x 90 498cc Competition



J. Simpson, on a camshaft 350 A.J.S., treated the spectators at the Brooklands Grand Prix on October 8 to a delightful exhibition of dare-devil cornering. From lap two until the finish he led the field, and finished a winner at 55.56 m.p.h. In a novelty trial run by the Cork M.C.C. recently, E. Browne (A.J.S.) made the best performance. G. D. Watson (A.J.S) was awarded a silver cup in the Daw Cup Trial run by the Brixton and D. M.C. on October 1. A. Colcombe (A.J.S. s.c.) was the winner of a solo reliability trial for the President's Challenge Cup. run by the Prestigne A.C. on October 1.

Speculations as to whether the A.J.S. concern intended to market the overhead camshaft model, which has been raced successfully, have been set at rest by the inclusion of machines fitted with that type of engine in the 1928 range models. The side-valve and push-rod, overhead models have been redesigned fairly extensively, the detachable cylinder heads being fitted by means of studs instead of the bridge-piece hitherto used. The range for 1928 has been augmented by the addition of a 248 c.c. side-valve machine.

The Register (Adelaide, SA Tue 29 Nov 1927

Trove NLA

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