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AJS Motorcycles of the 1930s

  • AJS 1930 Models
  • AJS 1930s 990cc OHC
  • AJS 1931 Models
  • AJS 1931 S3 V-Twin
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  • 1933 OHC Models

    In 1933 a two new overhead-camshaft AJS sports models were introduced, replacing those available before the Matchless merger. These were the Models 7 (350cc) and 10 (500cc) which shared the chain-driven camshaft of their predecessors but were otherwise were entirely new. The magneto was now located behind the cylinder and the engines had dry-sump lubrication and were fitted with a four-speed, foot-change gearbox. Versions included full racing types and an ISDT type named the Trophy. The Model 7 was built until 1939, but production of the Model 10 ceased in 1936.

    1934 Models

    1934 AJS 990cc Model 2 Sidevalve V-twin

    1934 AJS 349cc Model 5 Sidevalve

    1934 AJS 349cc Model 6 OHV Two-port

    1934 AJS 346cc Model 7 OHC

    1934 AJS 498cc Model 8 OHV Two-port

    1934 AJS 498cc Model B8-34 OHV Big Port

    1934 AJS 498cc Model 9 Sidevalve

    1934 AJS 495cc Model 10 OHC

    1934 AJS 248cc Model 12 Big Port OHV Sloper

    1934 AJS 990cc Model 2

    There were two versions of the 990cc Model 2, the standard English model, and the "Export" which had footboards and broader handlebars designed to better cope with conditions in the colonies, as they were rather quaintly termed, including Australia and North America.

    The dry-sump sidevalve V-twin has a square b/s of 85.5 x 85.5 mm driving via a Sturmey-Archer gearbox. The instrumentation is quite distinctive, being encased in a compartment on top of the fuel tank.