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AJS Motorcycles of the 1930s

  • AJS 1930 Models
  • AJS 1930s 990cc OHC
  • AJS 1931 Models
  • AJS 1931 S3 V-Twin
  • AJS 1932 Models
  • AJS 1936 Models
  • AJS 1938 Silver Streak
  • 1933 OHC Models

    In 1933 a two new overhead-camshaft AJS sports models were introduced, replacing those available before the Matchless merger. These were the Models 7 (350cc) and 10 (500cc) which shared the chain-driven camshaft of their predecessors but were otherwise were entirely new. The magneto was now located behind the cylinder and the engines had dry-sump lubrication and were fitted with a four-speed, foot-change gearbox. Versions included full racing types and an ISDT type named the Trophy. The Model 7 was built until 1939, but production of the Model 10 ceased in 1936.

    1934 Models

    1934 AJS 990cc Model 2 Sidevalve V-twin

    1934 AJS 349cc Model 5 Sidevalve

    1934 AJS 349cc Model 6 OHV Two-port

    1934 AJS 349cc Model B6 OHV "Big Port"

    1934 AJS 346cc Model 7 OHC

    1934 AJS 498cc Model 8 OHV Two-port

    1934 AJS 498cc Model B8-34 OHV Big Port

    1934 AJS 498cc Model 9 Sidevalve

    1934 AJS 495cc Model 10 OHC

    1934 AJS 248cc Model 12 Big Port OHV Sloper