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AJS at Olympia

A.J.S. (119.)

  • 7 h.p.; 74x93 mm. (800 c.c.); V twin four-stroke; side-by-side valves; drip feed lubrication; Amac carburetter; chain-driven magneto; three-speed A.J.S. countershaft gear; all-chain drive; Dunlop 700x80 mm. tyres. Price: With sidecar £215; solo £159 10s.

A. J. Stevens and Co. (1914), Ltd., Graiseley House, Wolverhampton.

Long famous as a machine embodying every luxury that care in design can provide, the new A.J.S. will even improve its reputation. For 1921 a larger engine is fitted with roller bearing big-ends, a three-ring piston, and larger cooling fins. Also, an internal expanding front brake has been adopted, which is operated by pedal, thus doing away with the inverted handlebar brake levers. Primary chain adjustment has been elaborated, the gear box being moved backwards forwards by a screw, which provides easy and accurate positioning.

It is rather unusual that, although electric equipment is fitted, the makers prefer to keep it entirely distinct from the ignition. Instead, therefore, of fitting a Magdyno or similar instrument, they have installed a separate Lucas dynamo, driven by an enclosed Whittle belt, so that even should the lighting set fail the ignition remains unaffected. The mudguards fitted are so wide as to prevent any mud from reaching the rider, and it is typical of the care taken in detail that the holes where the forks pass through the front mudguard are lined with rubber washers to prevent any leakage of water or possible rattle. The detachable wheels remain, and it is to be observed that they are absolutely interchangeable, as the chain sprockets, brake drums, etc., all remain in situ when the wheel is removed.

Some improvements have been made in the sidecar, which will be fully dealt with in our next issue. The net result is to make the A.J.S. the most comfortable of machines, though not at the expense of speed.

Olympia Show, 1920
The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920.

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