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A Brief History of AJS

J. Stevens & Co. was established by Joe Stevens in 1856 in Wedensfield, Wolverhampton as a blacksmith works. He and his wife had nine children, all of whom became involved in the business. Inspired by a Mitchel engine of poor performance, by 1897 sons Harry and Joe had built an engine which outperformed the American unit. It was immediately evident where the future of the family business lay, and the Stevens Motor Manufacturing Company of Wolverhampton was established in 1899. They originally built only engines which were installed by other manufacturers, but by 1911 (or 1912) were building their own machines.

The firm of Albert John Stevens was incorporated in 1909 and went on to become one of the pillars of the British motorcycle industry, reaching its peak in the 1920's and 30's. The name is derived from that of one of the four brothers in the firm, Albert John, the only brother with two Christian names.

By 1930 the firm held over 100 world records but like so many others was experiencing financial hardship. In 1931 the Colliers group bought AJS, and in 1938 AMC took over and badge engineered numerous Matchless-based models. Postwar AJS racing machines included the wonderul 350cc 7R (the orginal Boy Racer) and the Porcupine parallel twin. When Amalgamated Motorcycles failed in 1966 the marque was bought by Manganese Bronze Holdings who formed the Norton Villiers group. NV introduced two-stroke competition AJS machines powered by Villiers Starmaker engines, and when that company experienced difficulties in the early 1970s the AJS name was acquired by Fluff Brown who moved the business to Hampshire in 1974.

AJS provided engines to other manufacturers including Clyno.

History Timeline

harri.nordman at sailings dot fi
Hello, I have a picture of an Ajs 500 s18 from 1960, it has a special frame with What model is it? Thanks to Harri Nordman from Finland

Cannot identify from the image. Can you supply the frame number? Ed.
AJS-1960-500cc-18S-HNo image posted to Comments

kim_dave at bigpond.net.au
AJS Model "D" 1914
Just uploading a picture of my model 1914 "D" AJS V Twin which is under restoration. So you can compare mine to the 1914 AJS V Twin that you have on your site from Webbs Auction New Zealand. It is actually a 1915 Model "A" AJS or later. I have also included picture of a 1915 Model "D" and a picture of a 1914 Model D from the 1914 Brochure. as you can see there was a lot of changes between the two models. Regards Dave
David Goodyer

AJS-1914 Model D image posted to Comments

woza3 at yahoo.com
AJS 1951 18S Eng. No.16349
Hi, the above bike will have been off the radar for a good 50 yrs as it's been in my shed for 20yrs and my brother in laws for 30 before that. I have decided to breath life back into it before I am too old to kick start it. Before I go buying the "wrong " parts for it perhaps you can help me to find its history so I can make every effort to put it back together as it was at the start?
Warren Sketcher

Your best bet would be one of the AJS specialist sites (ie Jampot, under British Resources), or perhaps try some of the Australian classic clubs.
dandevinemoto at gmail.com green tick
AJS 18 1949
You may have an answer to two questions. I am looking for an electronic ignition for my AJS 18 1949.
The other is a question of many years. Rudge has a hand emblem. I was told the corresponding slogan is “Honestly So”. I’ve seen no evidence of this. Do you know?
Dan Devine
Ghent, New York, USA

    According to the Stratford Rudge site, "The open hand superimposed on a bicycle wheel is in fact Whitworth's trade mark & is regarded as "the open hand of honesty". For the ignition, Boyer are available, and if still avail a Dyna 3 would also probably work. The latter I had on one of my machines for 25 years.

macke1959 at gmail.com
AJS Model ?
I am working on an old AJS. Engine # 52 16M 17072
I would like to know the year, and if it is a 350.
Someone has gotten in to the wiring and replaced some of it with black wires, which are now dis-connected. No battery, and the diagram I have in an old book doesn't make it too clear.
Can you help me, Please, I also have a 1970 Triumph T120R, 1st prize winner for best custom bike.
Thanks, Mack.
Mack Sinclair
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

The 16M is a 350, and the equivalent Matchless model is all but identical.
Try this page for a wiring diagram: Books and Manuals

Jeffdunn1965 at gmail.com
1935/22 twin
Can you inform what type of knee pads were fitted & center stand. My machine has large pads fitted & no center stand. It's a 1935 AJS 250 twin 35/22.
Essex UK

  • The 250 appears to have the same pads which are fitted to the larger models. See gallery. No information on centre stand at present.

hog.mad2014 at gmail.com
1934 ajs 500cc BIGPORT
Hi, how can I get bike specs and a manual for this motorcycle
David holmes
Australia Brisbane

AJS-1934-Model-B8-34-498cc-OHV-DHo-02.jpg posted to Comments

Pgl at prodigy.net
1921 AJS model D
Good day. I have just acquired a 1921 AJS. I cannot find the Serial number on the frame. The engine and transmission are correct. Can you advise me where the frame number is stamped on your machine?
Peter Lund
Coos Bay, Oregon, USA

If you find a useful source for this information please share so that it can be added to this page: Serial Numbers

lkeato at aol.com
Hi there, my grandfather
Maurice john murdoch on his AJS year unknown Australia
Luke Eaton

The tank appears to be late 1920s, but the remainder does not match any model currently in the galleries.
AJS-MJ-Murdoch-AU.jpg posted to comments, above.

Sun, 04 Feb 2018
carl.coleman.nz at gmail.com
AJS 7R3 1954 and Porcupine 1954

Hello dear Aussies, Shocked to see that you list my father (Rod Coleman) as an Ozstraylian.....when he is of course, a NEW ZEALANDER. Can you please correct this rather large mistake - Thank you. Kind of like forgetting Phar Lap was a New Zealand horse......or forgetting the cricket under-arm bowling incident.......ah, I could go on all day. Cheers.
Carl Coleman
Taupo New Zealand

Thank you for your quick reply. As Rod's son, I can definitely confirm Rod as being a Kiwi. Born 19 June 1926 in Wanganui - Roderick (Rod) William Coleman. AJS factory rider from 1951 through 1954. First Kiwi to win at the Isle of Man - 1954 Junior TT aboard an AJS 7R3 (3-valve engine) - also first Kiwi to win at Bathurst (both 350 and 500 TT races), in 1954. After retiring from GP racing at the end of 1954, Rod returned to NZ to concentrate on business. Initially held the NZ franchise rights for AJS and Matchless, but over time also added Norton, BSA, Triumph, NSU, Montesa and finally Suzuki to the business activities. Was NZ Suzuki importer from late 1959 to Feb 1984, thereafter selling the business to Suzuki Motor Co Ltd - Japan. Definitely didn't have a shop in Sydney, but was close friends with Cornell family (Suzuki importers) plus Mortlock Suzuki owners (in Sydney).

The picture shown on your website incorrectly states 1955, but is in fact 1954, as it shows Rod aboard the AJS 7R3 (#33) upon which he won the IOM Junior 350cc TT.

Always willing to help out our fellow motorcyclists, especially our Aussie cousins.

Kind regards
Carl Coleman.

Fri, 04 Aug 2017
elferns523 at gmail.com
AJS 250 cc 1959 Model

Sir, this is my first bike and I want t restore it right now it needs gear box sprockets. I shall appreciate if you could help me in achieving my dream. Right now I am in USA and have relatives in UK who could arrange payment in your Country. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Lawrence Fernandes
Lawrence Fernandes
Goa India

 Tue, 01 Aug 2017
abitzh at hotmail.com
ajs 1952 manuel

we have come across a manuel. instruction book, that is really old, wondering if it has a value? and what that might be? says it cost two shilling and sixpence.
amy balsz
Yreka ca

Thu Jun 22 2017
Jflude at icloud.com
Parts & maintenance manual
AJS 799cc
Hi, we would like to purchase a manual for mentioned motor bike, do you sell them or know where we could purchase.
Thanks Jan

Try this page: Books and Manuals

Sun Apr 24 2016
jamesgbirch13 at gmail.com
ajs frame year
ajs 16ms (engine)
No one tell me the year this frame was made . 6j9m3200012pd0009

Sat Jan 18 2014

asdis001 <at> hotmail.com
Parts in AJSG8
parts 1926

Hi. My name is Magnus and I am from Icleand. I have parts in AJS G8 model 1926 Iceland

Fri Jul 19 2013

AJ motorcycle 18c
I have an AJS 50s to sell, I live in Phoenix, AZ.

Wed Mar 20 2013
AJS Social Club
works social club 1930 onward
I have been told that the social club for AJS works was originally on the ground that wooodfield social club now stands. Do you have any information or pictures please.
From http://www.historywebsite.co.uk/Museum/Transport/Motorcycles/ajs4b.htm
As a result the A.J.S. Sports and Social Club Limited was formed after purchasing a piece of land alongside Woodfield Avenue, in Penn.

Thu Oct 11 2012
hartawans<at>yahoo dot com
Need parts for 1950, AJS model 20 twin engine
AJS 20
Does anyone here know where I can buy camshaft follower, conrod and piston ring for 1950, AJS model 20 twin engine 500cx?

Try here: AJS Directory

Thu May 24 2012
kingclassic9<at> yahoo.com
1963 ajs 74mm piston hunt
ajs 16m<
Hi everyone,I am from Malaysia.Owner of Hi-Comp model 16ms ajay looking for 74mm Hi Comp piston.please help me.

Wed Jan 04 2012
For sale. Vintage AJS 1964
AJS 350cc, 1964, cross
I'm looking for interested in buying the AJS 350cc, from 1964. The motorcycle is in perfect condition and ready to assembly (because is in parts). Everywhere you will find road AJS and only few cross, it's a real treasure, so if you're interested, for more details write and ask.
Poland, Warsaw

Fri Oct 14 2011
Ariel 550 cc 1929
I am restoring an Ariel 1929 550 cc and now urgently need the generator. Where can I find one?
Hedemora, Sweden

There may be some useful information here: Vintage Motorcycle electrics

Sun Sep 18 2011
ajs 1929 350
I have nearly completed restoration of 1929 ajs and in need of a carburator (or rebuilding kit) and original sideshift lever. Where would be the best place to locate these items?

Sun Sep 18 2011
i have one
AJS 1935
i had this one the last 20 years, a pleasure, working great, with all the legal papers. I may consider selling.....

Sun Aug 28 2011
Trying to Identify an AJS I think 1938 M26
AJS (not sure) 26 (not sure)
I am trying to identify the AJS in the attached photo. In my research of looking has hundreds of AJS motorcycles I believe it is a 1938 AJS Model 26 347cc. Please assist me to identify this cycle.
AZ, Phoenix, USA

Mon May 30 2011
kjashton at optusnet.com.au
AJS 1950 crankcases
AJS 18/S
If anyone has any spare 1950 18/S Crankcases they wish to swap for other years e.g. 47, 48, 49, 51, 52, 53 — I will happily trade
Sydney Australia

Thu May 26 2011
rbcoulson7<at>gmail dot com
Protar's AJS 1/12 Scale model kit. 7R
I wish to buy, please advise.

Wed Mar 16 2011
Ashantha-j<at>hotmail dot com
195X matchless G9 500cc
Matchless G9
Hi there I have recently purchased this matchless and it never came with an title I was wondering if you can please help me out figuring out the age of the frame and if its the correct engine and gearbox. I would like some more information about how much such a bike is worth and how many were made. All your help is much appreciated.
engine no 53-G9-15849
gearbox- GB26B55
under saddle on frame - 29000
on frame under front gas tank - 021135
on frame under carb- 021669

Thanks you
Ontario Canada

Mon Mar 14 2011
quintas.agroforestal<at>gmail dot com
estimates, I'm buying a AJS and Matchless, two in the 50's. The problem is that in my country Uruguay (South America) do not sell parts, so I want to import. Any advice on stores that sell replacement parts? thank you very much.
Uruguay - South America

Tue Dec 21 2010
37ariel<at>google dot com
AJS with Lucas ST20 stop lamp
AJS 1935 250 DS1 or similar
I am looking for any photo of any pre-war AJS with the Lucas ST20 Stop Lamp mounted. According to the AJ Stevens Project website, this stop lamp was mounted to various models in the mid-thirties.

Fri Nov 05 2010

AJS, Matchless any
I am interested in the artwork side of AMC. My grandfather Arthur Walkley founded the company Walkley Hodgson Ltd. in 1936. Later known as Commercial Publicity Ltd. which was the sole advertising agency for Associated Motorcycles of AJS and Matchless. I have a couple of first proof copies which have come down through the family but I am interested in further artwork of the company from 1936 1960 when the company ceased trading. Thought this site might be a good place to possibly find some answers.

yours sincerely
Phil Walkley

Mon Oct 25 2010
crea84u<at>gmail dot com
Model Make Year?
Grandfathers bike is it an 1931 AJS Toronto,Canada

Mon Oct 11 2010
Engranaje caja de velocidad
ajs 500 cc 1949
Hello my name is Leonardo, I'm from Argentina. my brother has a AJS 500CC Model 1949 has broken the 1 and 2 gear of the gearbox, there are no spare parts, need to know if you can find original parts. I would appreciate a prompt response. Thanks and regards

Fri Oct 01 2010
AJS 350 1946
AJS 350 1946
my name is Ron Lefkovits.I have a 1946 350cc AJS that i just started restoration. would like to get some help with: were to find manuals? parts? stickers? tx, Ron

Resources for AJS & Matchless here: Books and Manuals

Sat Aug 28 2010
recherche AJS E0S 125MK2
je recherche un vendeur AJS en FRANCE, je voudrais m'acheter AJSEOS125- connaitre son prix notamment
merçi - tank you very much

Fri Aug 06 2010
Bits wanted
AJS 1928 350cc s/v
Do you where I may purchase the primary covers and bar end levers for this model please? Can you help me?

Tue Jul 06 2010
sharkeysmachines<at>mac dot com
AJS 250 dirt bike
AJS Stormer 250
I have an AJS Stormer engine complete along with front and rear hubs. Anyone interested?
Jacksonville, Florida USA

Thu Jun 03 2010
original fenders
1972 AJS 370 Stormer
lookinh for a front and rear fender

Fri May 21 2010
crisribeiro-ff<at>hotmail dot com
motocycle parts
i want to know the price ajs jsm 125
i want to know the price of the bike frame ,the handlebars, fender , the front headlight and the front brake lever. thank you
figueira da foz

Sun Mar 28 2010
kevin<at>kraysproductions dot com
model numbers
AJS frame # A38556
motor # GB 26J55
also say june 55 on motor
frame # A38556
where can I find out what bike and model this is thanks Kevin
des moines washington usa

Wed Mar 03 2010
information for restoration
ajs 1958 31
i have a 1958 ajs serial# 58 31 6001 # on frame 022270 is the color mediterranean blue,did it have chrome fenders,(which i need) where can i get a manual showing all numbered parts and where to purchase parts any information would be much appreciated thanks
nova scotia canada

Wed Nov 04 2009
santiagoguasp at at gmail dot com
caja de cambios
ajs 500/1951
busco un engranage de caja burman para una ajs 500 de 1951, alguien sabe donde puedo encontrarlo?
desde ya muchas gracias

Tue Sep 08 2009
Delphilabs at at msn dot com
AJS Logos
1951 AJS 18S
Do you have high quality scans of the logos on the bottom of your page?
Washington State, USA

No, I'm afraid not. Admin.

Mon Aug 31 2009
ingo.doerner at at gmx.de
search for ajs r-s-t 2 engin or crankcase
ajs s 2 v twin
search for a 1000ccm ajs engin r-s-t 2 from 1930-1932 or a crankcase

Sat Aug 29 2009
p.v.shao at at gmail dot com
Paul A.J.S. 800 model D -1923-24 W-Tvin
Prosim niaku foto nebo dily karburator kolesa,macdynamo,prevodovka,stupacky

Sat Aug 22 2009
peter.lecompte at at bigpond dot com
AJS Frame Number?
AJS 1949 500cc
Hi, I am trying to determine the year of the AJS frame. It is stamped 46506. Also what is this AJS gearbox with number GB2aG53? Thanks Peter in Australia.

Fri Jul 31 2009
phelpsrm at at btinternet dot com
AJS Search
AJS 650 Twin Registered 1961 PPP21
I purchased the above AJS new in 1961 but had to part with it after two years much to my regret I would love to know its history could you please help or point me in the right direction

Thu Jun 18 2009
barrumundi1 at at hotmail dot com
AJS Rolling Frame
AJS 500cc Bog Port
Does anyone know where I can source a rolling frame or any parts at all for a 1930 Big Port AJS

Sat May 30 2009
reddennis at at iinet.net.au
1956 AJS
AJS 1956 18s
Why is there so much literature about ajs prior to 1955 and from 1957 onwards, but little on the 1956 models specifically?
Books written seem to end in 1955, or start in 1957?

Fri May 29 2009
juliealderton at at sky dot com
value of a complete 1953 AJS
AJS 16MS 350
Hi, I have a 1953 AJS which is complete, it just needs TLC. Any idea how much I should ask for it?
Essex - England

Sat Feb 28 2009
Delphilabs at msn dot com
Sealing a tin primary
1951 AJS 18S
I have a new bike. I know that these tin primary case covers are notorious for leaking oil, but are there any tricks to getting the best seal possible?
Washington State, USA

Use a good quality cork gasket, or better still cork replacement, along with a sealant like MasterGasket. Make sure the covers are not warped. Admin.

Mon Feb 09 2009
cam at camlane dot com
AJS identification
AJS unknown
Could you identify this motorcycle?
North Carolina

The bike is a Model 20 Spring Twin, probably 1953 or 1954.

Sat Jan 17 2009
hugh-goetdcc at hotmail dot com
ajs model 18 clutch
AJS 18
looking for a burman b52 clutch in decent condition
 to suit an ajs model 18 rigid.
south australia, australia

Mon Dec 29 2008
tyler at bigpants99.fsnet.co.uk
dad's ajs
als 1939 26/t
hi, can you help ,,,, my dad owns a 1939 ajs model 26t and we cant seem to find anything of help in restoring this model back to former glory, we know that it was one of only very few produced by the ajs works team to compete in the saltzburg isdt, any information on this bike would be greatfully apreciated, sincerely darren

Fri Dec 05 2008
heurlin.thierry at neuf.fr
ajs all models

Tue Nov 04 2008
terryjmohr at aol dot com
1956 AJS
Is the vehicle number only stamped on the left side of the engine? Is it anywhere on the frame or anywhere else? I am trying to register this bike and the only numbers (that I can find) are on the engine. Looks like the motor number is stamped above this model number on the bottom of the cylinder.


LA California
Here's a picture of my 56 AJS that has 297 miles on it.

Tue Oct 21 2008
christophertaylorhone at btinternet dot com
Magneto conversion
AJS 1953 18S 500 SINGLE
I fear my magneto which has been rewound to modern specs has weak permanent magnets. When the bike has been running for a few minutes the ignition dies. Ageing magnetos apparently suffer from this problem which is has no cure as for some reason they cannot be remagnetised. Does anyone do an electronic conversion? Regards BAZZA
Norfolk, England

  • Just possibly some info under Electrics. Admin.

Wed Sep 10 2008
jjward at cedarcrest.edu
Seeking information on a small number of Matchless G45 500cc racers shipped to Caracas Venezuela in 1954. These bikes were badged and crated as AJSs and had AJS 10R stamped on the crankcase. Not to be confused with the pre-WWII AJS R10 ohc racers. All help much appreciated.

Tue Aug 05 2008
pbraat at mopp.nl
AJS 1938/39 7R
Wanted gearbox
The bike is a production racer of AJS and build for three years 1937 up to
1939. I also want a petrol tank and maybe anyone can help me for a workshop
manual of part manual for the engine.

Pieter Braat

I think Moto Tumbi in Australia may do a tank. classic-motorcycle-fiberglass.com

Wed Apr 16 2008
www.gog6692 at msn dot com
Most Beautiful Motorcycle Ever Built
Many years ago (I'd say the mid-50s) as a boy growing up in Arlington, VA (USA) I would walk several miles over to where someone often had what looking at your pictures appears to have been an AJS 18S or similar model. I would stand and stare at that Motorcycle for what seemed like minutes, but might have been hours)! I thought at the time that it was the Most Beautiful thing I'd ever seen...certainly the Most Beautiful Motorcycle! Well, I'm an old duffer now, retired and not in the best of health, but I wanted to tell you that the vision of that Beautiful AJS has stayed with me all these years...I would remember it often as my life unfolded! While I will probably never see another one in person it was a thrill beyond measure to find your web pages and get a chance to look for and I think find a bike very much like the one of my youth!
Over the years I'd owned a number of motorcycles, mostly BSA, Norton, BMW as well some Japanese models, but I never had one that made the impression on me that the AJS did! Thank you so very much for allowing me to relive that special time of my youth, if only in photographs! Sincerely Yours, Guy D. Ogan, Major, USAF (Retired) Fort Worth, TX

Wed Apr 02 2008
neilspower at yahoo.com.au
ajs 750 single
ajs 750
Did AJS make a 750 single? I am sure it was my first bike but people keep telling me that they did not make a 750 single.

No, there was no 750 single. As far as I'm aware, the first production 750 single was a Suzuki DR750. Admin.

Wed Feb 06 2008
caz14u at yahoo dot com
Rebuilding a bike
AJS 1927
A friend died and left this bike to his son and we are going to rebuild it however we need to know where to get parts and manuals

Jan 30th 2008
Good morning,
I have now finished my model of the AJS 350 7R Boy Racer, a really nice model to put together...
Listed under Scale Models

Fri Jan 11 2008
Blksystem at yahoo dot com
Early 70's AJS 250 Stormer
AJS 250 Stormer
my ignition is not woking and i was wondering where i could locate a coil, unless you have other ideas of what the problem may be... the coil leads have continuity to each other but the positive lead to the spark plug wire lead does not. Also, i am having trouble finding any identification numbers on anything but the frame. a3563. what year do i have? or where can i find other, more helpful, numbers

There may be some useful information here: Vintage Motorcycle electrics
and here: serial number information:

Sat Dec 29 2007
brianwallace at icon.co.za
Parts for a 1929 V twin AJS
I am looking for an engine sprocket (22 teeth) and driving dog for a 1929 V twin AJS. Can anyone help?
South Africa

Tue Nov 20 2007
jgregg at vip.net
1933 AJS 350
33/B6 153955 engine, 1352 frame
This has been in my cellar in boxes for 40 year. I just mocked it together for some photos. What is shown is all I have of it. It was stripped down I assume for racing?? The AJS gearbox was missing, but it came with a BSA 4 Speed Gear of about the same vintage which I have modified to mount to the AJS frame.
As most of the electics are missing I have a couple of questions. I assume it would have had a battery, but I don't see where it was mounted. Can the dyno run lights without a battery? What is in the center of the instrument panel? Is it supposed to be a horn button?
Is there supposed to be frame members that extend from the rear wheel yokes under the gearbox to the crankcase?
British Columbia

Wed Nov 14 2007
jameswallrock at hotmail dot com
1938..2 990 cc
I am searching for an engine for the above machine..can you help???

Sun Oct 21 2007
bpurcell at optusnet.com.au
parts catalog
1935 18 500 ohv
Looking for any literature on 35/18 ajs

Tue Sep 11 2007
gordon.taylor at det.nsw.edu.au
1930 AJS
Required a set of front forks

Fri Sep 07 2007
AJS 7R 1937/38/39
I am looking for a crankcase I have one but there are a lot of cracks in
I have no pictures the engine is in parts.The motorcycle is complete and is
a pre-war racer from 1937 but the crankcase is the same as 1938 and 1939
A.J.S. produce this bike in 1937 up to 1939.And it was the first 7R. After
the war in 1948 AJS produce also a 7R the Boyracer.


Pieter Braat

Fri Jun 15 2007
poke-mann at hotmail dot com
AJS 1954
I have a lead to purchase authentic 1954. I have searched the web but unable to confirm selling or buying price. Can someone help?

My thanks in Advance
San Francisco, CA

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed Jun 13 2007
smithcas at absamail.co.za
AJS Paint Colours
1965 18M
I live in South Africa and wouild like to paint my bike with AJS blue and Birch grey. Are there paint codes for these 2 colours?

Sat Apr 28 2007
pandrew74 at westnet.com.au
AJS engine numbers
Hard-tail 500 single
I am working on a 500 single AJS, hard-tail of (assumedly) 1949/1950 vintage and would appreciate help de-ciphering the engine number which is - 13999. This number is preceeded by the number 50/18, but stamped almost like a fraction........does this indicate 1950/something?

The first two numbers give the year, 1950, and 18 the model, a 500cc OHV single. Admin.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, but unfortunately I don't have any photos. The reason being, I'm a motorcycle mechanic 12 years out of the game and had a bloke I know ask for some assistance with his AJS, being the one I enquired about. Without stretching the friendship, could you possibly point me in the right direction to get some information on some of the standard service items like primary chain adjustment, ignition timing gearbox oil type/quantity etc. I guess I'm really asking for help getting a service manual........cheers, Drew.

Fri Apr 27 2007
liamoore at eircom.net
AJS logbook.
1923 sport
i have for sale a good condition log registration book for this model.irish no for county Kildare.regards Liam<

Sat Mar 24 2007
panchocasellas at speedy.com.ar
AJS 1000cc 1937
Restaurada, funcionando en perfectas condiciones.
Envío fotos por mail.
La Plata, Argentina

translation: 1937 AJS 1000cc for sale. Restored, running and in perfect condition. Email for photos.

Wed Mar 14 2007
Treefarm at texasdata.net
1954 18S 1673C
Does anyone know what the c at the end of the engine # means , I am looking for the battery box and mudgaurds

Tue Mar 06 2007
louismoore1 at aapt.net.au
Seeking information/parts
1929 AJS 350cc M4
I am looking for a kick starter,left hand footpeg, and a speedo for a 1929 Ajs 350cc M4, and any other info for one. cheers.

Tue Feb 27 2007
bsa-m20 at libero.it
AJS 650cc model 31csr 1966
I am looking for those tank badges. Do you have them. The piture you can use for your site.
Vicenza (Italy)

Fri Feb 16 2007
camerong at senet.com.au
motor wanted
AJS or Matchless 1000
I"m looking for a 1000 cc AJS or Matchless Vee Twin motor. Preferably OHV but Sidevalve would do to make a "Special" or complete a rolling frame. Depends on what I find. Year of motor not important but would prefer 1930's to 1940 as most were made in this period.
Any help or leads greatly appreciated.

G Cameron

Fri Feb 16 2007
vkahn at sbcglobal.net
Pictures of board tracks & wall of death
1923 AJS V-Twin Looking for pictures of board racing tracks in Australia & New Zealand and later wall of death show rings. Can you tell me where to find these on the internet. Thank you so very much.

Fri Feb 02 2007
wanemckinley at aol dot com
AJS stormer/w villers starmaker engine ?
AJS stormer 250 eng.#D 9199
DEAR SIR would you please help me identify my ajs stormer 250 eng#D9199 frame#a453 is this the starmaker engine?I also have a Greeves MX5 with a villers 250 engine,but i believe that this modle had a greeves cylindar. did this modle also come with the starmaker?what is a good source for parts?Thank you for your concideration wayne
florida usa

Sat Dec 23 2006
cbr-bsa at yahoo.co.in
confirmation of model
 i had just bought an AJS 350CC , with an engine no-47/16m5792 and chassic no-18863.

i hav no details aby the year of manufacturing etc.
it will be grt if u will confirm me following details.
year of manufacturing
model and any retored pics of this particular model.

Manwinder singh

Tue Dec 12 2006
woodhouse42< at >btinternet dot com
1929 AJS R7
I have a fully restored Believed ex works ??

Tue Dec 05 2006
richard at waghorn.org.uk
private sale
ajs 250 (62), nsu 250 cc engine, suzuki 200
1 complete ajs 250 + another for spares. nsu supermax engine and gearbox. suzuki 200 needs gasket set
hereford, uk

Tue Oct 31 2006
marcofumagalli.casa< at >libero.it
AJS 350cc. 1924
AJS 350 Sport
Hallo, I write from Italy. I have found this AJS in France. Can you help me to restore it? Can you send me notice, picture and data of this model? I can tell you that is the number 40701

Fri Oct 03 2008
reband at internode.on.net
1924 AJS Photo
Your photo of 1924 AJS is incorrect, more likely a 1929 350 M6.

Photo replaced with higher quality image. Admin.

Tue Oct 24 2006
carmhall at bigpond.net.au
Value of motor bike
AJS 1947 500 single motor
My daughter has AJS 1947 500 single motor bike in good condition, which she wants to sell. Any idea of general price?

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Mon Sep 11 2006
jt.andreassen at gmail dot com
What model is my AJS 500?

I am purchasing a restauration object and I can't seem to figure out the excact model and year the bike is. Hopefully you can help me with this. The current owner has only stated that it is a 1946-48 AJS 500cc, but I need more info on it. Can you help? See attached images.

With regards

John Tore Andreassen

Fri Sep 08 2006
dennisayates at aol dot com

I have inherited my fathers old AJS model 30CS motorcycle which he bought new in 1956 but because of a growing family and the need for a car he stopped using it in 1960, it is in excellent original condition with 16243 original miles on the speedometer, the colour is pale blue and it has a rev counter, detachable chrome headlamp, alloy mudguards and upswept siamese exhaust system, a mechanic friend of mine spent a few hours checking everything over such as the engine and gearbox oil and after fitting a new battery and spark plugs the machine started and runs very well, I also have all of the original paperwork and sales brochures for the machine, I would be prepared to sell the motorcycle but have no idea of how much it is worth, does anybody know?


Nottingham, England

Mon Aug 07 2006
My new bike
AJS Chassis no A62347, engine no 5816MS33265
Can you help me identify the model year, engine size, etc. do you know anything else about this machine? I bought it in Uganda a while ago...
Dakar Senegal

I believe your machine is an AJS Model 18 of around 1956 vintage, although I am going on appearances only and cannot verify that from the serial numbers.

Sat Aug 05 2006
jue3003 at yahoo dot com
AJS 1953
I just bought AJS 1953 and it needs a lot of replacement such as fork, carburetor, etc. Where can I buy the parts? Is there any parts catalog for this particular bike? FYI, I live in Bali - INdonesia. Thanks

Wed Jul 05 2006
brushline at aol dot com
AJS motorcycle
1947 16M 350? single
i have a 1947 ajs..model 16M..i believe it to be a 350 single..engine appears to be good..electrics are missing..backing plate on points is not good..any thoughts as to replacements electrics??..anyone know the horepower of a 16M??...many thanks for any info on this model
blacklick ohio..usa

Mon Jun 12 2006
m.jonink at wxs.nl
Parts wanted AJS K4, 1928
In order to restore a K4, I'm looking for the following parts; fork, top and bottom yoke and handlebar.
Thanks in advance, Martin (Holland)
Emmen, The Netherlands

Mon May 22 2006
takka22000 at yahoo.com.au
ajs v twins
29-32 v- twins
can someone identify this ajs twin please am contemplating buying it!! douglas from oz!

What is the engine number? Admin.

Sat May 20 2006
bkeevers at mpx.com.au
Bikes for sale K10- M7
Just have a question is it possible to advertise bikes for sale in the UK and which magazine would be the best one, I have a 1927 K10 and a 1929 M7 your help would be appreciated Thanks

The Publications section of Bikelinks lists auctions, classifieds and magazines. I'm sure you'll find what you need there. Admin.

Mon May 15 2006
hring at bluewin.ch
Technical Information
AJS / 20
I'm looking for spare parts catalogue and shop manual for AJS model 20

Mon May 01 2006
peterkennard at aol dot com
a j s motorcyclas
did ajs have a factory in london. and do you have an adress for it as one of my relatives used to work there.thank you Some time after 1931 AJS was acquired by the London-based Matchless concern, and the motorcycles were advertised as AJS London. Admin.

Sun Apr 23 2006
raimo.ekman at kolumbus.fi
Parts wanted
AJS M4 350 sv 1929
Hello, Looking for petrol tank, wheels, gearbox + small parts for this rareness. I have some parts to swap for other M 1929 models, also Matchless parts.

Kind regards, Raimo
Lahti, Finland
Many thanks for your help.
Ajs M4 1929 is very rare, as much I know, there are three examples survived. Only photograph I know about complete bike is from Goulburn Valley Motor Vehicle Drivers Club Inc. I don´t have their permission to use the photo, but you can find it: http://www.gvmvdc.org.au/images/dubphotos/images/1929-AJS-M4.jpg [404]
I have some traditional photos of these parts I already have (frame, girders, engine, oil tank etc.), but I wonder, if they are of any help.

Best regards,

Sun Apr 09 2006
ajs spring twin?
spring twin or jam pot?
i am a little confused, my father had ajs spring twin or is it springer twin? was there a jam pot model?
i think they were around 1965 ish, can you clarify what model they might of been, and cc etc as he always siid when he was alive that if i saw one he wanted another, now i want to see what he craved for, and retrace a route he took to spain and back in the 60s and also the tt.are there any clubs im in the north east .thanks in antisipation John

The terms "Spring Twin" and "Jampot" refer to the rear suspension. the latter being the user-adopted reference to the rather bulky rear suspension units on the early swing-arm models. Spring Twin was, I believe, a factory term for sprung heel models of the post-war era, and will appear in advertising pages listed in the AJS gallery later this year.

Sun Apr 02 2006
graham.woods3 at ntlworld dot com
AJS 1951 500cc Single Handbook
Recently purchased but no handbook. Can any one help? Will buy at a reasonable cost

Tue Mar 21 2006
james.davis at onetel.net
AJS 18S 500cc SINGLE 1955
Can you please tell me the weight pfn the above madel.
Many thanks
34 Arden Mhor Pinner HA5 2HR

Mon Mar 20 2006
therockcarver at cox.net
AJS 1951? bike
Have been given an AJS basketcase, found the following numbers on her, am looking to identify the model, year, any info would be greatly appreciated.

51 18s 16581

The first two numbers give the year, 1951, and 18S the model, a 500cc OHV single. Admin.

Sun Jan 22 2006
thenovaisfamily at hotmail dot com
AJS - 500 cc - Single.
Woul you please send me cataloge of partes. I need to restore my AJS.
Thank you for your co-operation.
A. Novais

Tue Dec 20 2005
dhutchings at shaw.ca
1929 AJS Restoration Project
We are looking for information in regards to the 1929 AJS as we are possibly going to try to restore one. Pictures, specs, etc would be helpful. Contacts would help too.

Sat Dec 03 2005
antl at eject.co.za
1946 AJS 350cc
I am about to buy this bike but need to get some spares ie a magneto or generator so the lights can work , Also was this motorcycle ever built with a pillion seat ? Help Help

Anthony Leontsinis

Tue Oct 25 2005
arne.rudback at orebro.se
AJS 1000cc
Is there anyone who owns V-twin AJS motorcycles between 1928- 1932 who would like to contact me. I have a few and a lot of questions!
I own a lot of AJS Motorcycles. Therefore i am naturally looking for missing parts. For instance i am missing the gastank for the 1931-32 1000 cc. I also wonder if there is anyone who makes the footboards for these big bikes. Where is it possible to get the right kneegrips
of the 1929 pattern (upswept upper part). I need at least 10 pairs. When did the factory change from gas light to electric lighting. Bikes imported to Sweden got equipped with Bosch
lights and magdyno and even a Bosch horn. Does anyone have te adress to the company Or the guy in Tjecoslovakia who make those replika front and rear lights and horns.

Hälsningar (Greetings)
Arne Rudback, vaktmästare
070- 218 69 69

Fri Aug 26 2005
mutchfam at gcmuni.net
AJS Dirt bike
I found a AJS dirt bike serial # 0700349/444 would you have any iformation and value thank you Ken

If you have a query or information about AJS motorcycles please contact us