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AJS Models for the 1914-1915 Season


The new 2¾ h.p. A.J.S. sporting model. It is fitted with detachable wheels.

AJS 1915 2 3/4 hp

2 ¾ h.p. touring model A.J.S. for 1915 showing sloping top tube - a feature of all the new A.J.S. models. Drive is by chain throughout, and purchasers have the option of a two or three-speed gear.


During last week H. Taylor and Co., of 21a, Store Street, Tottenham Court Road, W.C., had a most interesting exhibit of of all models of A.J.S. machines. In our issue of November 5th, page 509, we published a description of the new 4 h.p. twin-cylinder machine of this make. All the latest A.J.S. models possess similar features, such as sloping top tube, excellent mudguarding, chain guarding, etc., but in the case of the more powerful 6 h.p., these items are proportionately stronger. Even the popular 2¾ h.p. follows more or less the same lines, but a distinct innovation is the 2¾ h.p. sporting model, which has not been previously described in any journal.

It is fitted with semi-T.T. handle-bars and footrests instead of footboards, while the after portion of the chain guarding arrangement is done away with. The silencer consists of a single pipe, which terminates in an aluminium fan-shaped end.

Like all A.J.S. models, it is fitted with detachable wheels. These are removed by undoing three large bolts and the central spindle. On the spindle being withdrawn a small piston falls out. In the case of a tube repair, the tube can be passed through the forks without there being any necessity to take the wheel right out.

All the models shown are fitted with three-speed gear boxes, though the 2¾ h.p. machines may be had with two-speed gears if desired. The 6 h.p. machine is a thoroughly practical sidecar outfit. It is what is commonly termed a, do luxe model, and one type may bo had equipped with a Lucas dynamo lighting installation. In this case it will be noticed that the dynamo is carried on the front down tube of the motor bicycle frame, the drive being by chain from the engine shaft. The four models displayed formed a most attractive exhibition, while their smart appearance and attractive finish did not fail to attract admiration.

The Motor Cycle, December 10th, 1914 p663

A New Twin A.J.S. of 4 h.p.

530 c.c. Engine; Sloping Top Tube; New Design Forks; Enclosed Chain Drive.

QUITE a departure from the standard A.J.S. is the new 4 h.p. twln-cylinder mount, which has many interesting features to recommend it. The engine and transmission are on exactly the same lines as those of last year's twin, but are, of course, somewhat smaller. The bore and stroke of the new engine are 65 x 83 mm. respectively, giving a cubic capacity of 550 c.c. The valves are of large size, situated side by side, and are operated in the usual A.J.S. manner, and the silencer, though placed as before, is of somewhat different design, having a single tail pipe extending rearwards from the back of the aluminium casting.

The excellence of A.J.S. chain guarding is already too well-known to need further description, and as the firm have always paid particular attention to making a cleanly machine, it is hardly surprising to notice that an unusual type of front mudguard is being tried. To the usual type of guard are attached wide, flat side wings with a wide, rearwardly projecting flange at the bottom. This attachment can easily be removed for speed purposes, but is so effective that the magneto and leg guard, which have been a feature of 1914 A.J.S. models, can, it is said, be dispensed with altogether.

The Lubrication System.

The lubrication system is as before, a drip feed supplying oil to the inside of the crankshaft, whence it is circulated to all the main plain bearings, but the oiler has been changed for the latest type of Best and Lloyd semi-automatic drip, which has a circular sight gauge arranged at a convenient angle, so that it is particularly easy for the driver to see the flow.

Perhaps the most startling innovation lies in the sloping top tube of the frame, an item which is becoming increasingly popular and which is a decidedly practical proposition, allowing a low riding position without the necessity for a bend in the frame, though it can hardly be said that it lends additional grace. The latest type of Brampton fork with two sets of top springs is fitted, and pannier tool-bags have been adopted. A.J.S. detachable wheels, shod with heavy tyres, help to complete a thoroughly well fitted out machine, which should admirably fulfil the purpose for which it has been designed, that is, a handy and fast solo mount, which is, at the same time, sufficiently powerful to take a sidecar through almost any country, especially as the lowest gear ratio provided in the three-speed gear is 17-1.

The Motor Cycle, November 5th, 1914. p599

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