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January 6th, 2002
After a long delay, i've finally added some new stuff to the site. I add several pictures to the adverts section. I've also added pictures and info to the Grand Prix section. I added a new picture to the Mondial section. Several pictures were also added to the Bronco section. I started a new Strange section to show some of the strange models or accessories that i've found. I've also removed some dead links.

August 19th, 2001
Added a new model, the Batavus Mot'o-Mat. Thanks to Ferenc van der Hulst for the info. I've also update my Batavus section.

August 15th, 2001
Added pictures and model info for the Batavus Bettavette which we borrowed from We removed Myrons Mopeds from the links section because they only sell go-peds now. Added link to a site I had never seen before (Batavus Classic Moped Site). Added some updates to My Moped section. Added 2 new pictures of a Batavus Go-Go borrowed from the Dutch

April 4th, 2001
Added info and pictures of the Bronco, Go-Go, HS-50, Mobat, Mondial, Regency, VA. Also added more Advert scans.

January 27th, 2001
Added info about the VA. Updated info on the Bingo.

January 12th, 2001
Updated the FAQ.

December 21st, 2000
Added some info for the Batavus Bingo.

December 15th, 2000
Added 11 pictures of a '78 Mobat HS-50 borrowed from

December 14th, 2000
Added another picture of a '75 HS-50 from Josh Malcolm. Added picture and info for the Batavus Conforte.

December 13th, 2000
Added a picture of a Batavus Bingo under models. Thanks to Pat Anderson for submitting this picture.

December 11th, 2000
Added a picture of a 1980 Starflite Top Tank. Also added brochure #2 to the adverts section.

December 3rd, 2000
Added pictures of the Batavus Whipped. Thanks to Pecxel for the pictures and info. 5 more pictures of the Batavus Bronco were also added.

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