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Batavus Moped Owners

Have any questions about a certain Batavus moped, or need to know how to get that old thing running perfect again? The following is a list of people who would be happy to answer any questions about the moped they have.

Name: Model(s): E-Mail:
Bill Herch 1977 Batavus Mobat Bherch-nope at netzero.net
Brian Lamborn 1976 Batavus VA miniengine-nope at yahoo.com
Chad Burke 1976 Batavus Bingo
1978 Batavus StarFlite (top tank)
1978 Batavus Regency
loquacious_boy-nope at yahoo.com
David Baker 1975 Batavus HS-50
1976 Batavus Go-Go
jablabdab-nope at juno.com
Derrick 1972 Batavus Bronco daehyllis-nope at hotmail.com
Joseph DeSantis 1976 Batavus HS-50 massmail007-nope at yahoo.ca
Mellisa Scott 1977 Batavus ?? pootycat-nope at hotmail.com
Mitzi Starr 1977 Batavus Go-Go mitzis-nope at netcom.ca
Patrick Huxley 1980 Batavus Regency HS elkykid-nope at yahoo.com
Rob Five 1977 Batavus HS-50 robandanne-nope at juno.com

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