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(Owned by Gene Kibby and built by Jim Coppedge.)

A Maely framed Ajay 500.

The engine is a 1955 long stroke AJS, and has been set up for speedway.

Oil is recirculated and changed every 10 laps. This is just a little less than a quart, and seems to work out fine.

Flywheels have been lightened, and the compression has been raised to 14:1 by machining .250 off the base of the cylinder and the use of a Harley Davidson piston.

The head has some extensive port and valve modifications, and is fed by a 36mm Bing carburettor.

Cam shafts have been custom made by Johnson Cams, and I have been informed that this set up has given the engine some higher revs and greater mid range torque.

Fire comes by way of a Pal magneto.

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