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The "Champion" Speedway Bike

Jim Apple from America sent in this interesting picture of his machine which is actually hanging from his wall.

Jim tells us.... "it houses a 5-Stud JAP motor housed in a "Champion" Frame with 26 inch front wheel, 400-18 rear. It ran at Ascot Stadium Los Angles, and throughout Texas. Best of all it's retired, alive and well, and drinks beer with me. The engine is fresh and now and then must still prove to some doubters that she still runs. Light her off on alcohol. A short bump and she breaths fire and let's you know it still thumps with that great Jap signature"....

Has anyone come across this frame type before ? ... I was curious about the thickness of the tubes, but as Jim points out, there is no fuel tank. The Top tube carries the fuel whilst the rear down tube carries the oil.
There are also has trick relief ports on the aft section of the exhaust pipe which Jim will photograph and send to us, it apparently works as an extractor.

Bob Allan, the collector/restorer in America (See Maely Story) recognised the frame type and writes:
"Champion frames have been around for years and years, but this is the first one I have ever seen that is in speedway form. Champion frames were most for flat track and TT work, such as 1/2 and 1 mile work."
Many thanks Bob - thought this was a rare one.

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