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The Dave Thompson "Mystery"

(Information and Photo's Courtesy of Dave Thompson)

Originally, and still featured in the "Mystery Machine" section is this splendid, if somewhat curious JAP owned by Dave Thompson.

Dave thinks that the frame may have been made by an Andy Mindy, and may have been ridden by a man called Red Andre (American ?) ...

With an odd looking fuel tank and curved rear down tube, any help on this machine is appreciated.

Dave adds ... In 1972 My father wanted to get me a motorcycle that I could not out grow so this is what he came up with. In 1976 I raced one season 4th was my best. But in order to race I had to make some modifications to the bike. I changed the handle bars from the old swept back bars to the uprights and the old gas tank was to wide so we made a new one. I crashed one time and bent the front rim bad and had to put a new one on but kept the old spokes and hub, I still have all the old parts to put back on. I'm sure the bike still runs though I haven't started it in about 8 years.


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