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This most interesting Engine set up was sent in by Bennie Ludolphy who came across this machine at a recent bike show.

This Dutch built iceracing machine is the work of Dutch iceracer Gerrit Rook, so we have titled it as the GRS (S from Special). As you can see, the engine is mounted in the well known TIBO frame, but the engine is something of a special.

The engine is made up from a JAWA bottom half, whilst on top, Gerrit uses a Desmodromic DUCATI 2 Valve head. As Ben points out, the engine is either a JACATI or a DUCAWA, but what's in a name. Good point, both have a certain ring to them.

The idea of such a engine is not a new concept, and has been done before by others. As you see, there is new housing made for the camdrive, which on a DUCATI comprises of a toothed belt. However, on this engine, Gerrit Rook goes for a different option and replaces it by a roller chain.

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