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Short Speedway Engines

Bennie Ludolphy kindly provided the pictures and information on an engine about which little is heard of. Built in 1975, the SHORT-UTEC engines were made by John Short (father of grasstrack rider Gerald Short) with co-operation from the UTEC Company.

John Short and the UTEC firm started this project in 1975, but the engine never reached completion due to the UTEC firm that was helping John closed down when John was about half way through.

There was a 350 & 500 cc engine, both were to use Jap flywheels & rods.
Bore x Stroke = 84x90 mm (500)
Bore x Stroke = 74x80 mm (350)
The Camdrive was by a dry toothed belt for operating 2 camshafts (DOHC) together with 4 Valves. The CB points are mounted at the end of the inlet camshaft. Valves angle from vertical center line was 15 degree for the inlet valves and 17.5 degree for the exhaust valves, included angle 32.5 degree which gave a very flat combustion chamber, and a steep downdraught inlet ports. Oil pump was from a JAWA.

As the UTEC firm closed down John Short could not stand the cost on his own, so this very promising project had to stop. However John was sure it would have been a winner and far ahead of his time.

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