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The Vincent-Triumph Sidecar

(Pictures and Information Courtesy Wayne Powell).

Wayne Powell kindly sent in these pictures of his Speedway Sidecar outfit - A Vincent Comet engine housed in a Rigid Triumph Frame that he built in 1971. And in case you're wondering where you've heard the name before ....... Wayne also sent in those excellent pictures of his "Hynes JAP" in the JAP section.

The carburettor is an AMAL TT, no air cleaner, but just a simple bend from a radiator hose instead. The tracks in those days were always wet and had no dust

The GEAR BOX is also a Triumph and the Comet was overbored to make it 750cc and to run 15 to 1 Compression. Cam was of the same timing as a 2 Valve JAWA.

The struts mounting the chair were tubing and were telescopic so that you could adjust the length to lean the bike at different angles to suit various conditions on different tracks.

The Forks were pulled down and held down by a piece of Drive Chain between the bottom Headstock and a bracket made between the Fork bottoms. Suspension wasn't soft, but it was outweighed by the adjustment on the steering angle, simply by changing the chain length. Tyres were usually of low pressure and softened the ride enough.
The Fuel Tank was from a B.S.A Bantam.

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