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The Swedish ERM

The ERM pictures above are of the MK2 that rolled off the production lines in 1976.
However, an earlier MK1 model had been built as early as 1974 and was proven to be very successful when ridden by Christer Lofqvist to eighth place in the World Final of that year.

All ERM's are DOHC 4Valve conversions for the JAWA OHV 2V engine and the letters ERM stands for Endfors Racing Motors that were made in Sweden.
The MK1 is with a chain for the cam drive, the MK2 for speedway is also with a chain for the camdrive, but for longtrack racing there is also a type with gears for the camdrive.

Some early pictures of the ERM were kindly sent to me by Steve Magro in Australia, whilst the above information was added courtesy of Ben Ludolphy.

The coloured picture on the Left is of Doug Wyer during the British Lions Tour between Dec 75 / early Jan 76 in Sydney and was taken by Steve Magro himself.
This shows the ERM Mk2 motor and was most likely being tested before its full debut in British league racing.

The well thumbed Black and White picture (Below) is from that same tour, believed to be at Newcastle (or Jerilderie Park as it was then called) and both are of Doug Wyer and the ERM powered machine.

 Here are Wyer's scores from the seven tests:

    Perth 9 (rode three times, 14th Nov 75).
    Perth 13 (0 in last ride)
    Newcastle 12 (5th Dec.75)
    Sydney 18 maximum
    Liverpool 13
    Sydney 10 (0s in last two rides)
    Brisbane 13 (0 in last ride) replaced injured Chris Pusey as captain.

So all in all Doug didn't fare too badly!

Seen Right is the ERM (or Endfors engine as it is sometimes referred to) that Chris Lofqvist used in that 1974 World and is the Mk 1 model.

Below, is the Swedish JJM Engine, another JAWA conversion that was Jan Johansson's creation, the particular model shown here is the Mk2.

Such was the strong similarity between the JJM Mk1 and of the Endfors Motor used by Chris Lofqvist, it came as little sup rise that there were those who thought that ERM had used Johanssons design and used it themselves.

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