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Petrol/Oil ratio is usually 2 percent, or 20ml per litre.


h.uguralaca at gmail.com
Minarelli Konya/Turkiye Engine Identification
I have 3 speed handlebar shifter kick start minarelli engine. It's known as 1hp minarelli in Konya/Turkiye but I can't find it's exact model and spec sheet on internet. Bore and stroke measures at 42.8 and 52.6mm so roughly 75cc. Gear ratios are something like 13:1 1st, 7:1 2nd and 5:1 3rd. Intake manifold mount carburetor mount diameter is 24mm. Original carburetor of it dellorto PHBG 19.19 but I mounted SHA 15.15 with reducer. Intake manifold mount carburetor mount diameter is 24mm. They are used on cargo trikes. It's shouldn't be 1hp with that displacement.

March 18 2020
Serivamichael at gmail.com
Sorry to take up your time but I can't find any info on this bike. Think it is a mm5a but don't no. Only thing on bike is on neck of frame. Made in Italy *34535* engine has fmf5. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
Michael Norman Seriva
United States

Wed, 28 Mar 2018
ildpuster at hotmail.com
Minarelli Corsa corta

Have a Lot of parts , and 3 complet corsa corta engiens.maby its was somthing you would make an offer on
Henrik Jørgensen
Odense Denmark

Jan 2017

Giorgio Fumagalli in a comment on Classic Motorcycles FB

Good morning, :) the company FB Minarelli (of Vittorio Minarelli), has built only engines. It never built motorcycles or mopeds complete.

The FB Minarelli company was born from the dismemberment of the FBM company closed in 1956. The two members of the company FBM were Vittorio Minarelli and Franco Morini. When they closed the FBM in 1956, every former associate fund 'a personal ditta.Vittorio Minarelli founded FB Minarelli then in 1967 gearbox' name Minarelli Engines. Franco Morini founded the Franco Morini engines. Both the FB Minarelli / Minarelli Engines that Franco Morini engines, produced exclusively emgines , never complete motorcycle or moped. The company FBM (1951-1956) produced engines 75 cc 2 stroke 100cc 4T, 2T and 4T 125 cc, 160 cc 2T, 2T and 4T 175 cc, 200 cc 4T, which were sold to many motorcycle manufacturers.

Often the engines were personalized with the logo of the manufacturer of motorcycles. Shortly before the close of the FBM, in 1956, it was produced engines 48cc 2T P> "Robin" to 2:03 gears. Even in this case, it should be recalled that the FBM never produced complete moped, but only motori.completi.

After the closing of the FBM, the two riettivi former common shareholders agreement, smaltirono stocks of FBM marked engines and then each produced marked engines with its own brand, using FBM projects, including projects not yet realized. In fact, many FB Minarelli and Franco Morini engines Engines, in many models are almost identical.

Some interesting facts: the only complete motorcycles which produced the Minarelli engines, were a small series of 60 cc racing. Franco Morini was the nephew of Alfonso Morini, but among the company Franco Morini engines and Moto Morini, there was not any technical or commercial collaboration. The motorcycle engines and motorcycles of the fifties and sixties, were derived engines or identical to Franco Morini Motors engines. There was a chord between the two companies. Instead, the company Malanca, it is said that, after using Franco Morini engines engines until the early sixties, he began to produce their own copies without permission marked Malanca. True? False? No one has ever denied

Wed Oct 22 2014
mtnboyfloyd at aol.com
magneto cover
Indian mm5a
I am looking for a magneto cover for a Indan or italjet mini bike. do you know where i could get one thanks.

Wed Dec 26 2012
el-don24<at> yahoo.com
indian parts
1974 indian me 100 me 100
hi was wondering if you know were i can find a magnito cover for the left side of the engine, for a 1974 indian 100me
spokane, wa

Sat Sep 17 2011
motorcycle identification
minarelli unknow
Hi, I would like to know if somebody can help me to identify this bike. The only information I have is that the engine is Minarelli
são paulo, Brasil

Wed Aug 24 2011
arminius999<at>yahoodot com
75cc P6?
indian 75cc
Im looking for an engine breakdown manual for what i believe in a P6 its on an early 1970s indian 75cc dirtbike.

Tue Aug 23 2011
Indian MX-76
Where does the kill switch connect to?
On the coil, under the gas tank, poisitive goes to engine negative goes to frame. I picked up this 1974 Indian MX-76 as a project, no spark, wiring was not connected, except for positive of coil to engine. kill button wire was cut off 3" from button on handle bars. Need help how to wire
San Francisco

Tue Jul 19 2011
wilscyn44<at>hotmaildot com
Motori Minarelli
Record GMK801517
I have already contacted you regarding what my bike might be worth to sell. Please can you help me with this.

Minarelli Indian c1968 NY
Minarelli Indian c1968 NY

Thu May 05 2011
bike identification?
1968-1970? Boy racer 50?
Hello, I have seen pictures simular to my bike, but this bike is left hand drive and the piston fire is vertical. So I am not sure of the make or model. Everything appears to be orginal. Can you help me identify it?
~Tom Burke
new york

Minarelli Indian 80cc
Minarelli Indian 80cc

Mon Apr 11 2011
top-iomcdc<at>yahoodot com
Indian 80cc parts
Indian CX80 (i beleibe)
looking for help identifying and or finding parts for my dirt bike

Fri Jan 21 2011
brunorogerioesteves<at>gmaildot com
For sale
Minarelli N/D
I have 80 years minarelli competition to sell. craftsmanship. missing some parts. I listen to offers.
 00351 91 30 41 771

Thu Oct 14 2010
jill-teixeira<at>hotmaildot com
Minarelli 3 wheeler farmbike
I have been trying to find info. on my old pick-up trike. Found pics of it on your page. Minarelli Farmbike. Do you have poster's contact info? Or year, maker(minarelli?) Thank you, Tex

Fri Sep 24 2010
Indian Motor
Indian P 450 14092 Nisa Italy
I am looking for motor parts for this P450
14092 Nisa Italy.
P-4 Motor 50cc
MI,West Branch

Sat May 29 2010
odyssey1<at>hotmaildot com
Looking for any info
Indian Boy Racer
Looking for more history
San Jose Cal

  • Can not be sure that it's a Minarelli - can anyone confirm this? Ed.

Wed Apr 28 2010
parts for minarelli p4
indian 1974 mx74
do you sell parts for this bike engine

  • No, we don't sell parts. Ed.

Fri Jan 22 2010
srichardgregg at aoldot com
50cc indain
i wrote you earlier i need wheels and tires brake hubs 8 inch also what is the fuel mixture ratio and spark plug size thanks

Tue Dec 29 2009
mitch at sccf.biz
engine parts
Indian JC-5A
This model used the 50cc automatic. I am looking for a piston and rings. I also need the kick start lever.

Tue Dec 08 2009
newman195248 at yahoodot com
Indian Drit Bike
I have this Indian Bike and dont know what Yr.it is the SS# is 07-78E7-03873

Thu Jul 30 2009
mailman24256 at yahoodot com
Minarelli 3 wheeler parts
Motori Minarelli
I need some parts for a 1980 or 1983 Motori Minarelli 3 wheeler moped. I need the carburator, coil, magneto, do you have them??

No, we don't sell parts. Ed.

Thu Dec 25 2008
stuartdaustin at tiscali.co.uk
Minarelli P6 engine / carb help.
Can some one please help me get this 50cc P6 "Corsa-Corta" engine running properly.Its fitted into an ITALJET PR6 childs moto-cross bike.I would like to know what are the correct jet sizes (especially the "minimum" jet) fitted in the Dellorto PHBH28BS carburettor.The main jet is a #105 and the minimum is #55.Choke jet is #50.Are these the correct sizes to use in the 50cc engine ??.Hope someone can help.Thankyou.

Tue Dec 02 2008
peerycreations at hotmaildot com
I don't now
I road this bike in 1975 i don't now what year it is .What kind of bike is it? The back of the seat says indian.It kick starts forward. It needs a knew piston. How much is it worth? Wat's the best way to sale it? e-bay?
unided states

Wed Aug 20 2008
sharper at harpercycleworksdot com
Morini Motori small engines
Morini Morini
I'm looking for the U.S. distributor for Morini Motori small engines.
Missouri, U.S.

Sat Aug 16 2008
taylordj2003 at yahoodot com
Moped information
Motori inarelli Darin Moped
I am trying to find a manual for this bike. If anyone has any information, please post it, or send it to me.

Several Minarelli Manuals listed here: components/books-manuals.htm

Mon Aug 11 2008
reynaldh at hotmail.fr
pompe de relevage eau
minarelli i.51
je voudrai savoir le debit de la pompe en litre par heure merci

Wed Apr 02 2008
stevegiles73 at hotmail.co.uk
stator testing
suzuki (minarelli engined) katana 50
Hi, could you please advise me on how to test the stator, and what the output should be, on my minarelli engined scooter?

Mon Mar 03 2008
maciekoch at konto.pl
engine diagram<
minarelli am6 minarelli am6
I need engine diagram minarelli m6.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sat Feb 02 2008
ropiat at westpac.com.au
My Lazer 50 has a Minarelli engine. I need a carburator. Can you help? I live in Sydney
Believed to have been built in Taiwan in the 1970s.

Sat Sep 29 2007
pattyandmark1 at msndot com
1972 50cc Indian Motorcycle w/training wheels
I was wondering what the potential value of this motorcycle would be. It came with training wheels when it was purchased new.
Des Moines, Iowa

Sat Jul 28 2007
lamejordireccion at hotmaildot com
moto minarelli
motor 48 cc 4 marchas
hola queria saber si tienen algunos datos para darme ya q adquiri una moto minarelli debe ser modelo 50 a 60 , es tipo pistera , si tienen alguna bibliografia o fotos para mandarme gracias

Translation: hello queria to know if they have some data to give me or to q adquiri one moto minarelli must be model 50 to 60, is pistera type, if bibliografia or photos has some to send to me thanks Argentine

Mon Jul 16 2007
kistoo-damian at yahoodot com
1976 motori minarelli
hi my name is damian and i was wondering if you guys sell this piston with cylinder because the front of my motor is gone where the spark plugs goes

Fri Jun 08 2007
mark-dettman at hotmaildot com
Indian mini bike
I am trying to sell my Indian mini bike. Not sure of the year or it`s value. Any ideas where I could find this information
Melbourne Australia

Fri May 18 2007
kevlar41 at hotmaildot com
1978 minarelli three wheeler
can anyone give me more information on this trike like what carb it take and where to get it and other assorted parts

Fri Apr 27 2007
borysan at hotmaildot com
I buy motor Minarelli V1 50 cc
minarelli v1 50 cc 1977
I´m looking for buy a clasic motor minarelli V1 50cc. I need too much to recover it ís very important for my I´ll pay very well
Oviedo Spain

Mon Apr 16 2007
robdmma at hotmaildot com
1972-or 74 Minarelli Indian Moped
I was wondering what the potential value would be for this bike.. It was used in shriners hospitol and is either 72 or 74

Wed Apr 11 2007
leo.koponen at suomi24.fi
New engines for sale?
AM6 or RV4
Do you guys have brand new minarelli RV4 or AM6 engines for sale. I´m interested of buying one of those..
Heinavesi, Finland

Can you identify this delightful Minarelli-engined mini-bike?

Thu Apr 05 2007
incore-11 at hotmaildot com
1971 70cc indian motorcycle
looking for info and pictures of this bike as i have one and would like to restore. thanks vince
toronto ontario canada

Mon Jan 15 2007
bellmjus at hotmaildot com
1976 indian me100
indian me100
i have an indian me100. i believe it is a 1975. it only has 33 miles on it, but needs to be restored. I am trying to find out a value for it. Any help?

Sun Oct 15 2006
pugin at btinternetdot com
Motori Minarelli
Does anyone have maintenance data (spark plug, gearbox oil capacity etc) or weblinks for 49cc Motori Minarelli aircooled engines?
Devon, UK

Sat Oct 07 2006
severson at doorengdot com
Bimotor Motori Mineralli Moped
Need help finding parts

Fri Aug 18 2006
patterso-robert at sbcglobal.net
minarelli fold up scooter
rosella scm<
does anybody have any thing on this scooter. I bought this with no head its in super nice condition i would like to get parts is there any chance.

Thu Aug 17 2006
jps191 at compuserve.de
Minarelli Edition Gitanes
Hi, since a few days I own a small motorcycle. The engine was made by Motori Minarelli in Italy. So I suppose, it is a Minarelli. It must be a special edition, it is all black with GITANES stickers on it. The framenumber is GICI#3364#. Has anybody some information on this bike, especially an owners manual.

Fri Aug 11 2006
gilvis2000 at yahoodot com
carb, sparkplug size and fuel mixture.
M-24-12 Mortori Minarelli engine
Hello , I was wondering if you could tell me the carb, sparkplug size and fuel mixture for a M-24-12 Mortori Minarelli engine . The bike it is on is a italjet M5D Minicross

Thu Jul 06 2006
aqdimirb at yahoo.fr
cherche tricyle motorisé pour handicapé

Un grand Bonjour de Marrakech!
Nous sommes un couple de personnes handicapées et nous avions un tricyle motosieé à esence de marque Motoriminarelli, qu'est en panne et nous vous serions grés si vous pouvez nous en trouver un de la même marque ou autre

Translation: seek tricyle motorized for handicapped person
Large Hello of Marrakech!
We are a couple of handicapped people and we had a tricyle motosieé with gasoline of Motori minarelli mark, which is broken down and we would be to you likings if you can us to find of it one of the same mark or other

Mon Jul 03 2006
lukanus at wp.pl
wichtige Frage

Ich möchte gern alles über das neue Werk Motori Minarelli wissen (Website - ich kann sie nicht finden, Geschichte der Firma, alle Motoren, die sie zur Zeit herstellt (mit technischen Daten) u.a.)Ich habe YAMAHA BW'S mit A137E Motori Minarelli Motor. Ist es eine
YAMAHA-Konstruktion oder eine italienische.
Herzliche Grüsse
Lukasz Dudzinski
Rzeszow, Poland

Translation: I would like to know gladly everything about the new work Motori Minarelli (Website - I can do it , which it manufactures at present, do not find history of the company, all engines, (with technical  Data) among other things) I have YAMAHA BW'S with A137E Motori Minarelli engine. It is one YAMAHA construction or an Italian.

Fri Jun 30 2006
tankman333 at hotmaildot com
Water pump seal
minarelli 50 cc engine
I am looking for a water pump seal for a factory yr50cc 6 speed geared bike it has a minarelli engine do you no where i can find one

Tue Jun 06 2006
paivi.juselius at pp.inet.fi
I have this kind of Minarelli motor. It is automatic and water-cooled cylinder head. I dont know what year model is it or what Italjet bike used it ?
Hi and thanks for your reply. Only number I found was 11/3 . Carburator
is DellÓrto 19mm.


Tue Jun 06 2006
andreybushmich at yahoodot com
engine problem<
motri Minarelli
hello, i have a moped and it will start and run for like 2min then shut down, then it wont start anymore. it will do the same thing the next day. what could be the problem.
New York

That sounds like a coil breaking down - are you getting spark after the engine stops? There are a number of technical sites on two-stroke engines, some of which are listed here:

hello, this is what my moped looks like. yes there still is a spark after the moped shuts down. someone told me that the carb might be pluged but i cleaned it 3 times. my tank is rusty.

  • Check that there is fuel flowing to the carbie, and also check the plug colour after it stops. If the plug looks rather white, that could indicate a main bearing seal problem.

i finally got the moped running. the problem was that my tank was rusty and the filter in my carb was totally pluged. i cleaned it and it fired right up. the pic i sent you was of a moped like mine, i will send you pics of mine some time. it is in very good condition and i would like you to tell me how much i can sell it for.

Try the page on Motorcycle Valuations and Prices

Mon May 08 2006
justinsours at quantumdmdot com
Need help finding information & parts
1972 70cc Indian w/ Minarelli motor
I have recently aquired two 1972 70cc Indian motorcycles and need help finding replacement parts and literature on this bike

Thu May 04 2006
gyori at sb.bostream.se
mac minarelli 125cc gokart motor
125cc 6speed dry clutch gokart
hello where can i find engine parts for this motor piston kit, bearings, crankshaft,repair manual, partlist

Thu Apr 27 2006
federico.gozzi at poste.it
site on 50 of cross Italy with P6 minarelli
P6 minarelli cross 50 models
hy i give you a site www.corsacorta.it where there are many models of 50 cross with minarelli p6 corsacorta.

Thu Apr 20 2006
sondog7946 at hotmaildot com
three wheeler

what year? it's use? it's worth? thanks
northfield nh usa

... the id tag is worn off. the # on the frame is X3657X and the motor is a minnarelli, does this help any? thanks Mark

The bike is a Pryor Trike 1978 vintage. Ed.

Pryer Minarelli Trike 1968

Wed Mar 29 2006
jrbazurto at sbcglobal.net

Minarelli V1
I need a Flywheel puller for a CEV Model #6932 flywheel. I can make one but it would be helpful if I knew the inside size of the screw threads of the flywheel.
Novato,Ca. 94949 USA

Mon Mar 27 2006
dotclub at freenetname.co.uk
Minarelli 175
Where can we source basic repair parts for late 60's 175 Minarelli engines? Seals, bearings etc

Tue Mar 07 2006
yukfoo61 at aoldot com
Minarelli motor
Looking for a flywheel for a 125cc Minarelli motor. Points version. Thank you, Ed

Sun Feb 26 2006
mwhiteshield at yahoodot com
Minarelli Indian Motorcycles
I have recently came across a late 1960's Indian dirt bike it is 75cc. I am also looking for an exhaust pipe and magneto side cover and points motor stamp is 75cc 21048.
Coos Bay OR. USA

Sat Feb 04 2006
jasons.daniels1 at virgin.net
Motori Minarelli V1
I have a 50cc Motori Minarelli V1, and need a new kick start recoil spring. Where can I find parts for this bike?
Northampton UK

It looks to me as if some scooter shops are likely to carry Minarelli parts.

Sat Jan 28 2006
dario.delnero at tin.it
cambio p6
Cerco disperatamente cambio ravvicinato P6 con la prima lunga 31/12

Translation: I seek hopeless change reconciled P6 with the before long one 31/12

Can you rephrase the question, please? I try gear box drawn near with first speed long :31/12 or similar for minarelli P6

Sun Jan 29 2006
encewi.com at abv.bg
motor minarelli
imam motor proizveden prez 1939-1940/50kb.trqbva mi zadna zabno kolelo{venec}.

Mon Nov 07 2005
hoffaholla2 at aoldot com

i have motori minarelli bike made from italy made on jan of 1980 and i guess the stock number which is G4O933 and it has a general logo located on the gas tank manufactured by Jui Li Enterprises co ltd and i was wondering how much would this bike be worth

Nov 2nd 2005
It was on an agricalture motor. (plough) and i fitted it on a go cart. the model is
minerelli 150 and it has about 20 years old. The diameter of the piston is 55.10ks

Hear from you soon.

>> mizzi01 at hotmaildot com
>> parts
I am Godwin Mizzi from Gozo Malta. I have an engine fitted on a go-cart, and I need it's piston rings because in malta i didn't find. If you want to help me the diameter of the piston is 55. Please sena me back on e-mail - mizzi01 at hotmaildot com . I wish tat I hear from you. thanks

Mon Oct 03 2005
eeckelaertyannick at hotmaildot com
geachte mr/mvr
ik zou graag een doorlichting schema hebben van een minarelli AM5 blok ben bezig met revizie en ik krijg hem niet meer in elkaar misschien dat ullie mij aan deze blueprint kunnen helpen ofzeggen waar ik die kan vinden als er enige vergoeding voor nodig is ben ik bereid deze te betalen ik hoop op een spoedig antwoord bedankt voor de moeite


Translation: I will gladly have a radioscopy diagram of minarelli AM5 block-system am busy with revizie and I get him no longer each other perhaps that ullie can me help to these blueprint to ofzeggen where I can find that if there only compensation for necessary is am I prepare these to pay I hope on a quick answer thank for the effort.

Sat Sep 17 2005
layacona at aoldot com
1983 Motori Minarelli Safari
Where can I obtain parts for this bike; specifically engine electrics and carb parts.

Wed Sep 07 2005
tomandkelly at optonline.net
Minarelli 50 cc engine
I have a microcar with a minarelli 50 cc engine DGM. I need replacement rings. Do you know where I can get these?

Thu Sep 01 2005
lito-rayos at hotmaildot com
1968 Indian
Where can I get parts to a 1968 Indian/Minarelli 100cc dit bike, specifically electrical components?

Thu Aug 18 2005
grafdrachen at aoldot com
Duomont d. Luxe
Hallo, ich suche Teile für ein Privileg Moped 40/1 Bj 71 Motor ist von Minarelli

Fri Jul 22 2005
snipeskkk at aoldot com
mini bike
i have a bike called mini arrow and on the magneto caseing it has motori minarelli and if you have any info on these bikes please could you contact me thank you les

Wed Jun 08 2005
arvco at sbcglobal.net
I have a motori minarelli xke25 (approx 1979) and need a manual and some engine parts . . . Any help or direction would be appreciated.

I am sending along two pictures of my Motori for your review. Please let me know what else I can do to obtain parts and or a manual. Specifically, I need a condenser and maybe points . . .
Also, The date stamp shows 6/78, so I must have a 1978 model.


    The bike is quite similar to the Fantic Concord. Ed

Sun Jun 05 2005
gene.rye at gd-aisdot com
safari moped
Looking for a manual for a late 1970s Safari BMI Motori Minarelli moped. Also, any information on parts.

Sat May 28 2005
dogynn at aoldot com
Tarbo Hot Cat
looking for motor parts for my 1974 Tarbo-Minarelli 50cc motor.. And exaust pipe.

Mon May 30 2005
dogynn at aoldot com
minarlli 50cc motor
I looking for a 50cc motor for my Tarbo Hot Kat from 1973/74 HELP


Fri May 27 2005
bnisbet at kwopticaldot com
Indian 125cc 1976
Hi I'm desperate for information on getting this bike functional as in what battery is compatible and is there a good manual that could guide me if clutch needs work etc. I could use anything because I have obtained this bike in quite good condition.
... also do you know of any special mixtures for starting a two-stroke thats been sitting over a year,I really appreciate any help you can give me on this project [eg; clutch cable is super stiff when I try to engage]

Thu May 12 2005
divad854 at msndot com
minarelli three wheeler
any info that you can give me on this bike, like were can i get a manual, wiring diagram, parts.
I have no new pics. at this time if that is necessary let me know on the three wheel minarelli motori bike.
The frame number is TESTI OO912, engine number is 66006 or 90099
So is this perhaps a Testi ? Does anyone have any information on this?

Mon Apr 18 2005
bonham-tim at yahoodot com
Help Need a magneto cover
Hi I need a magneto cover for a 70 cc minnaerlli motor. Any help would be appreciated. TB

Wed Apr 13 2005
pegorza at hotmaildot com
datos sobre minarelli
hola: lo saluda claudio , necesitaria datos a cerca de una moto FBMinarelli que compre , aparentemente seria del año 1960 y es de cilindrada 150, pero no tengo ningun tipo de papeles o de informacion
desde ya muchas gracias

Translation: hello: it greets Claudius, necesitaria data to near one moto FBMinarelli that it buys, apparently serious of a?1960 and is of piston displacement 150, but I do not have ningun type of papers or information from already thank you very much

Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005
subject: need help to identfy dirt bike model
Email: timbonham at hotmaildot com
message: there are no markings to id the model other than a serail #08-72E7-05413 motor is a minarelli M42-2 any help would be appreciated

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005
subject: motori mineralli
Email: misterg at ev1.net
message: motor;dgm v11
 what is the correct gas mixture ? and the point setting?

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005
subject: 1972 indian
Email: jendandaniel at aoldot com
message: I have a 1972 Indian with a 70cc minarelli engine i'm looking for information for setting the carb, sparkplug size and fuel mixture.

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005
subject: Motocicleta de coleccion
Email: noeliacollia at yahoo.com.ar
message: Sres Minarelli: Mi intencion es pedir su E-mail con la finalidad de ofertarles una motocicleta de coleccion que pertenecio al Comendatore. Desde ya muchas gracias, saluda atte. Agustin Osma.

Google Translation:
subject: Motorcycle of collection email: to noeliacollia yahoo.com.ar message: Mr. Minarelli: My intention is to request its email with the purpose of supplying a collection motorcycle to them that pertenecio to the Comendatore. From already thank you very much, it greets atte. Agustin Osma.


February 4th 2005
subject: minarelli K6 engine parts...
See Minarelli Forum

January 11th 2005
subject: Macal Minarelli
Email: mpt270440 at hotmaildot com
message: Groningen (holanda)
Soy un espanol residente en Holanda mi esposa tiene un ciclomotor marca Macal Minarelli, que por cierto marcha muy bien, pero me gustaria saber donde puedo conseguir un libro de instrucciones,pues segun dice ano de fabricacion 1988.
Si me pudieran ayudar se lo agradeceria mucho
Saludos, Modesto Perez

October 28, 2002
Hi. I ve got a Frejus 75cc (Minarelli 3 speed p75 engine) anyone has any info about timeing it? -- thanks -- Francisco Caceres trewhela -- crowan at terra.cl

October 23, 2002
How do I get information on an older model Lazer Motori Minarelli moped? I tried to find their site, but it was not in English. Thanks for your help. -- TKeane6112 at aoldot com

September 25, 2002
We have a motor labeled e*10003 motori minarelli v1 dgm. Do you have any information as to where I can find one or parts for one? -- Thanks -- hbl2520 at aoldot com

August 25, 2002
Perhaps you could help me, I saw your posting about Minarelli parts and wondered if you had any sources.

I have a 1973 (or4) Gitane/Testi with a Minarelli p6 compact system engine almost complete and mostly original, I need very few parts, eg front mudguard and stays, left hand (or both) pedals, and rear shocks, that's about it! I also have a few parts, mostly new and boxed, but I would like more information about parts sources if you have any.

I'm UK based and I know only very few of these were imported here so I think mine is perhaps very rare here.So please tell me where I might get any parts.

thank you for your time, please e mail me by return or at zacfurther at yahoodot com -- yours faithfully -- Zac

July 23, 2002
I am looking for help I have just acquired a child's motor cycle that I would like to restore from the attached picture you can see it has JAWA on the tank but I find it hard to believe its a Jawa with a Minarelli engine can anybody confirm what this bike is and if there is any where in the south of England that I may be able to get engine spares. -- many thanks Mark Hurrell -- mark1361 at yahoodot com

July 10, 2002
Lo scrivente cerca un motore MINARELLI da 48cc con frizione automatica mod.EZ o, quntomeno,la testata relativa al modello suddetto.Preciso che lo stesso equipaggiava un minibike Rossella. -- robertobentiv at tiscalinet.it

June 4, 2002
HI I have some limited information on the Minarelli engine gear box if anybody is interested eg type of plugs, gap/ engine internal breakdown/clutch same/Engine -Clutch mix ratio oil, photo copies of front fork assemblies / engine breakdown and general bike decription, please note I am no expert but will help if I can cheers George -- GLDB at aoldot com

May 14, 2002
I am always looking for parts that fit the Minarelli SP6 50cc engine; if anyone can help, please shout or mail. David Lee on david.lee at which.net

May 2, 2002
I am looking for a wiring diagram for the electrical system for this engine, which I believe is motori minarelli of 1974 125cc vintage. Could you or some other folks help me out? -- Thanks -- Pete -- psoscia at rochester.rrdot com

May 1, 2002
Je souhaiterai connaitre les cotes pour la preparation du minarelli AM6.Armand. -- jean-marie.fabie -- jean-marie.fabie at wanadoo.fr

April 28, 2002
I need all the information I can get about the BRONCCO TX6 mini-cycle. All I know so far is that the engine is a 2-stroke motori-minarelli...
Listed in Fantic Forum under Broncco

April 25, 2002
hi i'm Dave. I have a small monkey bike with a 50cc Minarelli engine im looking for a flywheel fan cover number on cover m49-6. I'm in south England. can anyone help. thanks -- Sm610 at btopenworlddot com

April 4, 2002
Ive just got a minarelli moped circa 1978 that appears to be some sort of military transport it has skis on and two chains to the back wheel the only problem is it has no engine! could you tell me what engine it should have and any idea as to where to get one? -- Nigel Richardson -- homebrew106 at hotmaildot com

February 15, 2002
Hi there !
I am looking for some parts for a 1974 Indian with a 70cc Motor Minarelli engine...
See Minarelli Forum

January 16, 2002
I found some important schematics tu put on your website at this link, under my name. -- Thanks, -- Marco
Model: Cross 79 Minarelli Engine Diagrams & Parts Lists
(Zip file 2.1 meg) See Forums for downloads.

December 13, 2001
I have a 1985(?) Indian 125 with a motori minarelli motor...
See Minarelli Forum

December 1, 2001
We have a quantity of NOS Minerelli and Indain parts from the 70's Indians...
See Minarelli Forum

November 17, 2001
I have a Clymer Motori Minarelli motor. I need information and parts for it. Motor marking are hard to read, it is BREVE110 or BREVETTO this is on the head and S 1263 is stamped on the casing. Is there anything you can tell me about it? Thanks, Wayne Smith -- OWSMITH530853 at aoldot com

October 19, 2001
I just left your minarelli message site wondering if anyone can help i.d. or give help on mini-motocross bike i picked up. been having a hard time with parts. i enclosed some pictures, any help id sure be thankful. -- Bruce -- Dallas Texas usa -- mula7 at junodot com

August 13, 2001
I am rebuilding an Indian ME 125 with a Minarelli 2 stroke...
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August 8, 2001
*Wanted* I would like information on a three wheel moped, or bike, I'm not sure what to call it. It is painted orange, (I feel it is factory paint), has a seat that is about three feet across and will seat two people side by side. It has an orange painted wire basket the width of the seat in back of the seat. It has an Italian motor that says "Minarelli G521039 Made in Italy" and a decal on the frame that says "Trike", the tires are "Carlisle Easy Ride". The handle bars come up in the middle to steer, and you peddle to start the engine. I would like to know how old it is, what it was used for, and where it was made. I can send a picture if you like. Please send information to: larry329 at netconx.net

January 30, 2003
I don't know if this will help you any or not but my husband works on small engines . Today he received a bike like we had never seen before . I always try to find info on the computer about things to help him , sometimes . It is a Motori Minarerlli . It is made in Italy . There is a basket behind the seat but the seat , itself , is like that of a bicycle . When I saw the picture of yours , I could tell that yours was a much older model because the one that we are working on is more modern looking . No word Trike and the seat is more modern . You can tell that everything on it is original . I can't find any place on the web where one can buy parts . I was just surprised to find yours . Good luck Model # 3609 , eng # P28825 -- PATricia Smith -- pat48s at attbidot com

August 5, 2001
We have a City Bike Motori Minarelli 50cc. I broke the plastic cap that covers and seals the oil in the gear box. Any help ?? -- Thanks -- Charles -- chasrf at localnetdot com

May 30, 2001
I recently have received a moped with a Motori Minarelli motor. I was hoping you could direct me to the person who could post some questions on the web site for me. It would be of great help. Thank you. You can reach me at MaclarnG1 at aoldot com

May 4, 2001
I need some help to find a part to an engine of the brand Minarelli. The part is the small wheel that the chain goes on in the engine. -- andrej timofejeff -- timofejeff at hotmaildot com

April 29, 2001
Please check
geocities.com/fbminarelli 404
If you have any info please send!

Domagoj Mileti?
domagoj.miletic at zd.tel.hr
dome at vip.hr
+385 91 206 36 56

April 23, 2001
I have a Minarelli P6 engine 50cc in my...
See Minarelli Forum

February 12, 2001
Hello I have information and size of Minarelli expancion camera... (I'm looking in special the P6)...
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January 29, 2001
I have For Sale, unfortunately, my two Minarelli powered bikes. A Gitane Champion Veloce 50cc,superb condition,p-6 engine and a Cimati 6m,racing seat,expansion exhaust in superb condition,both 99% restored but need finishing, I also have brand new pistons and rings for sale. -- gregory tebbutt -- gregorytebbutt at hotmaildot com

January 21, 2001
I'm searching for a possible homepage of the company Motori-Minarelli. I found your e-mail-address and maybe you can help me. I'm looking for a part of a moped motor. -- thank you, Andreas -- guido.kroener at vol.at

January 10, 2001
Motori Minarelli is still in existence, The Aprilia RS50, The Macal us the Minarelli AM6 engine. Parts for these bikes are easily attainable either in race form from polini or other brands. I have a Macal, with a 50cc that is capable of over 125 kil/hr or 80 Mil/hr, then with a 75cc engine I am able to achieve speeds of 140 kil/hr or just under 90mil/hr. This is with my own port modifications, and a 19 dellorto carb, and a polini expansion chamber with a modified stinger. These engine are far superior to any engine in the sixe range, even the Honda NSR50.
Jeffrey Steynor -- jsteynor at hotmaildot com

December 15, 2000
I have a 1980 American Tri-Ped three wheeler but the motor...
See Minarelli Forum

December 10, 2000
I have a Fantic Tx 190 and 3 Aprillia's rc with Minarelli engines. Where can I find 80 cc engines liquid or air-cooled?
Jos Wauters -- joswauters at yahoodot com

November 26, 2000

I was looking over your Minarelli page in my search for parts for MY moped, an EZ Rider http://home.ispi.net/bie/elassley/mymoped1.jpg [404] and so I went on a hunt - after 4 hours of searching the net, I may have found something helpful for everyone so you might want to post this on your page. I don't have time to email everyone. Thanks!
Erin in Beatrice Nebraska -- silent at beatricenedot com

November 20, 2000
RE: mac Minarelli 125cc kart racing engine
I am considering using the 6 speed 125 k125v motor in a Honda mtr frame. I am looking at running in the 125cc vintage classes here in north America. However, I do not know the history of when this motor was first used in competition. The motor is very strong and there are many parts interchangeable with both Rotex and Yamaha. I would appreciate any information, documentation or photos that might show that this motor was used in motorcycle racing applications prior to 1980. I may be reached at my web site - unlimitedreplications.com [404]
THANX DOC -- Arthur Zimmerman -- docz01 at earthlink.net

November 5, 2000
We own a Minarelli 80cc 6speed AJW. We are interested in locating a pair of wheels rims ... From an Italian company called SAMREMO, Size 2 1/4" x 18" by 36 holes. Any info would be great -- Chris -- steele.home at zoom.co.uk

October 3, 2000
I have friend who was given an Indian motorcycle with a Motori Minarelli...
See Minarelli Forum

August 25, 2000
I have a Cimatti City Bike with a Minarelli Moped (50cc) engine. I am told that the engine needs cylinder rings & may need a carb. However the repairman can't locate parts. Do you know of a source for parts and/or used/rebuilt engine?
Mike Radcliffe
radlaw at homedot com home
radlaw at toad.net work

May 17, 2000
A couple years ago I bought a 1986 Motoriminarelli 3 wheel moped...
See Minarelli Forum

March 26, 2000
Any idea what this is? make? model? year? -- Wayne Mortensen -- janm at ispchanneldot com

March 24, 2000
I have several spares for Minarelli, even because I live very close to Minarelli Motori old Manufacturing. If anyone it is interested, please forward to me his requests. In particular, there are a lot for Minarelli Corsa Corta 80cc and 50cc plus Dell'orto Carburettors. -- Marco -- Italy -- gwuopl at yahoodot com

More from Marco:

Here you can find some new pictures that I hope you will put on your wonderful site!
The Minarelli.jpg it is the picture of the racing version of the Minarelli 125 cc of 1980
The aim.jpg it is the 1982 motorbike watercooled 80 cc equipped with Minarelli.
Minarelli-cool.jpg it is the first idea about the cooling made using the handlebars stems for water circulation
Ancillotti.jpg it is the Ancillotti 125 cc from the 1980 equipped again with Hiro engine water cooled

March 30, 2000
I have three used Dellorto Carburators RC 26 with air filter for sale.

They are for the next motorcycles:
1952 Bianchi Bianchina 125cc
1952 Minarelli Sport 160cc
1956 Moto Guzzi Ercole 500cc
1953 Miva L 175cc
Thank you : Pedro Herrera( from México city). phf66 at yahoodot com

March 21, 2000
I own a 1979 50cc Minarelli Moped that goes by the name "Yankee Peddler".
See Telaimotor

July 21, 2000
My name is Chris Matteson. I have a 70cc 70,s model Indian. I got your email address from a guy named Jack key who said you had given him some help on his Indian. I am wanting to rebuild it and its in pieces. I need books over schematics and any thing else possible that could show how to rebuild it.If any information PLEASE respond. -- THANKS, -- CHRIS -- sonya at worldnet.att.net

February 26, 2000
We where just given a junked motori minarelli m42-2 and are trying to repair for our son to ride it needs extensive work if there are any books or order guides please let me know -- thank you -- barbara new -- donshvac at bellsouth.net

February 6, 2000
Back in 1977 I owned a moped with a Moto Minarelli engine called a gitane (small "g"). This was the last of the real performance mopeds here in the UK. With approaching 10BHP it was capable of a real 65mph (everyone used to say they could do that on their Honda's Yamaha's etc).

What I know about this bike was that the engine was made by Motor Minarelli who supplied many other mopeds at that time and the bike was made by a separate company in Italy. The company were still trading several years later (not in the UK) under the name Testi (Not a bike you would want between your legs in the English speaking world).

My bike was a stripped down racer (don't laugh) although there was a low rider and a full race replica with full fairings.

I still can't stop reminiscing about my youth on the fastest moped in the whole of the UK at least the Goring area of Oxfordshire
Peter Baker -- Petebaker at btinternetdot com

February 5, 2000
I own a dirt bike made by Minarelli I am looking for a wiring diagram and information about the magneto on it. On the frame I found these numbers 71-F11-00728, on the engine Motori Minarelli M42-2, on the magneto Ducati elettrotecnica 310279. If you can't help do you know where I can find info. Thanks in advance -- Yours Pat Blanchet -- pat1 at ff.lakeheadu.ca

January 28, 2000
Hi , I have 2 Minarelli bikes , cx 50 n cx 80 and I need ...
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December 4, 1999
A great engine....but as they have been out of business for years, parts are like hens teeth to find. The 70s Indians were the most common place to find these engines.....in 75/125/175 cc sizes. The 50s were Morini.The 100s were Fuji/Xenoah. -- DSNTCMPUTE at aoldot com

December 2, 1999
The Carabela factory in Mexico city started making bikes around 1960 using Minarelli engines, 50 cc, 100 cc. Later, around 1966 they made the complete motorcycles, the engines were all two stroke 66cc, 100cc, 125cc, 175cc, 200cc, 250cc, and there was a two cylinder 350 that was originally the Jawa 350 with a good suspension and larger heads.

I think Carabela has been purchased by Yamaha, and they no longer make the Carabela bikes.

The only other company in Mexico that made bikes was Islo, and they started with the Sachs engines 50cc, 100cc, 175cc and 250cc, and later made the whole bikes.

This company is gone too.

Thank you -- Francisco A. Rosete

November 16, 1999
About 3 summers ago my uncle gave me a Minarelli 50cc with a 4 speed...
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November 16, 1999
What can you tell me about this moped ?? Motori Minarelli M-50-4
testi co. *00664*
dgm 11024
name on gas tank: GITONE
color: all metallic green / chrome fenders
Note: I received this as a gift -- and know nothing about it. (can you help I.D.)
thanks, xkltp at aol
Mr. Metz

November 8, 2000
We have a three wheeled motorcycle that we think...
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October 29,1999
In 1970 we obtained a new Indian motorcycle...
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I have a six speed minarelli racer...
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I have read with interest the page on the Itom. I am the Editor and Press Secretary of the UK based Racing 50 Enthusiast Club. We specialize in racing 50cc motorcycles of the Classic period from the mid 1950s to 1974. At present we can have on the start line ITOMs, Minarellis, Kreidlers, NSU, Garelli, Motobi etc. They either race competitively or Parade.

I have #1 1967 Mk VIII and a 1971 Mk IX Itom, a Spondon Minarelli 50cc racer and a 3speed hand change MOTOBI 50cc racer. All of these racers are undergoing preparation for the new season but when complete I will send photos and information. I have information on the ITOM models and would be happy to answer questions, knowledge and information allowing for readers of this page.

If any reader wishes to join the club (we have members in Canada, USA, Holland, France, Australia and Italy) please ask them to send me an email to confirm interest.

JEEP -- roadracer at tesco.net

If you have a query or information about Minarelli please contact us