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Made in Italy 1968-1981

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Based in Reggio Emilia, near Modena, the company built the Tanga and Skipper, conventional mopeds Vivo, Zoom, Mini Daytona, Mini Vallelunga Cross, and a folding minibike for MV-Agusta.

They used both Minarelli and Franco Morini engines.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Henshaw.

Mad_Mako a
1970 ?
Looking to restore my dad's OMER TANGER for my son. Can anyone help me find parts ? Thank you.
Jaime Pabalan
United States

Fri, 22 Sep 2017
bucviktor at
Omer Tanga 1982

Where can I locate the vehicle identification number? Because I haven't been able to find it jet (my bike is in a bit worse condition)
Buczk... Viktor
Szolnok Hungary

Sat Mar 30 2013
Facebook Forum
Moto Omer Giramondo
Please post this link:

It's a forum to allow those interested in Moto Omer to share info etc

From the FB group:

  • "This year, instead of entering the annual Welsh National Rally on my 350 Morini or my Triumph Daytona 675, I entered the Omer. As the date got nearer, I started to think about the reality ? big mileages, awful weather, mountains . . . not a good mix with a 50cc bike. I was certain it would break down. However, the Omer took me 200 miles in 10 hours, crossing and recrossing the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains (at one point I was holding it in first up a mountain road at a constant 7mph and was overtaken by a cyclist)."

Tue Dec 11 2012
Omer Scrambler 50
I am restoring an Omer Scrambler 50 with a Minarelli p4 engine. I need some parts as exhaust collector,seat and other. Does anyone sell them or know where i could find it? Thanks

Mon Apr 25 2011
omer tanga
bonjour, je souhaiterai acheter la bobinne d'allumage du moteur fm-s5 dgm10142om et je n'arrive pas en trouver une, merci d'avance et excuser moi pour la traduction je suis français

hello, I want to buy the engine ignition bobinne FM-s5 dgm10142om and I can not find one, thank you in advance and excuse me for the translation I'm French

Sat Oct 09 2010
andy-wallace<at>mac dot com
Omer Giramondo makes it to France
Omer Giramondo
Unrestored and still going!
St-Gilles-Vieux-Marche, FRANCE

Wed May 12 2010
andy-wallace<at>mac dot com
Welsh National Rally 2010
Moto Omer Giramondo 1968
My Omer just completed the Welsh National Rally 2010 and gained a Bronze Award! 200 miles in 10 hours non-stop! No breakdowns! 20 mph average - not bad as its top speed is 24 mph and it spent a lot of time in first gear at full throttle at 7mph climbing the Brecon Beacons!
Devon, UK

Mon Nov 16 2009
Omer Giramondo
Now fully legal and running on the road. Road registration and legalities including MoT performed by North Leicester Motorcycles. I would like to heartily recommend them to anyone trying to register and run an obscure Italian motorcycle in the UK
Devon, UK

Wed Sep 02 2009
chalmog at
omer sport 50
i have owend 1 of these bikes since i was a child and i dont no much about it can anyone tell me anythink
thanks .

Sat Feb 28 2009
faustotrupia at
Omer Giramondo
Minarelli Omer Giramondo
Posso avere altre foto per e-mail di Omer Giramondo?
May i have further photo of Omer Giramondo by e-mail?
Palermo ITA

  • We only have what you can see on the site, I'm afraid. Ed.

Sat Jan 17 2009
zaxosz at
Omer Sport 50
I just wanted to share a couple pictures that I found from my then new 1976 Omer Sport. It is not for sale......well everything is, but I am sending you this as a rare find. There is also a link on youtube if you search Omer 1976.
Z, Greece

Fri Nov 21 2008
leime8 at hotmail dot com
Download sheet
Omer Quickly
Hello, i have a old omer 3wheeler from '66 with a minarelli engine! I'm searching for a datasheet to remake the engine... thanks Florian
Bolzano; Italy

Tue Dec 18 2007
Rob-muerte at hotmail dot com
my 43cc omer moped
omer moped
elecrical problems
not gettin spark
where can i get parts and specs.

I bought it from some guy he said there was only 12 for the canadian army or somthing made but the motor in it was used in other bikes its a 43cc horizontal cyclinder 2 stroke.
Langley B.C. Canada

A horizontally opposed 43cc two-stroke twin! Does anyone have information on such a device? Ed.
No, that's not what he means at all. It's lay-down single similar to an A100 Suzuki, perhaps.

Tue Sep 25 2007
joejb at
1977 jolly - omer-
I would like to know how to get the comndensor out, SO I can replace it, thanks Joe
Vancouver CANADA

Fri May 18 2007
smythrobert1 at aol dot com
Omer 50cc sports moped
Hi I have just purchased a 50cc Omer sports moped from about 1970's. It is red in colour with a Minarelli engine in. Does any one have a picture of this bike so I can tank decal details from along with the head light speedo detailing (my decal is worn and headlight missing). Also does any one have a wiring diagram for this bike?
Many thanks
Leeds UK
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my request for help with this 1976 Omer I'm going to restore. I have included a picture of it in its current state. I could do with conformation re the headlight ( is it the correct one?) and position of the speedo (in head light or seperate?) etc.... The bike runs fine but it will have a full rebuild over the winter.
I have also included a picture of a Beamish (1980) that I have just rebuilt from a box of bits I purchased, along with a 65 Bultaco Sherpa T model 10 (also in bits to be rebuilt soon). The pic may be of use for your excellent picture bank you have on your web site.
Keep up the good work and again many thanks for your help!
Best wishes

Thu Sep 28 2006
pugin at btinternet dot com
Omer Giramondo
I have a 50cc engined Omer Giramondo motorcycle. Does anyone have any information or weblinks about this baby? The bike has a 49cc Minarelli engine.
Devon, UK

September 7, 2001
Sono stato possessore di una omer scrambler dal 1971 al 1973. Sono a disposizione per informazioni -- mario -- mario.cessari at

Sheldon's attempt at translation:
I had been the owner of an Omer Scrambler from 1971 to 1973.  Does anyone have information on this bike? -- Mario -- mario.cessari at

January 23, 2001
RE: OMER - Reply to Hans RudolfIneichen
The Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle - Hugo Wilson: OMER: - 1968 to 1981 built Minarelli and Morini engined mopeds in small numbers.

Thats it....
Ian T
imoccapetown at (Italian Motorcycle Owner's Club of Cape Town)

September 13, 2000
I have recently purchased an Omer motorcycle!. It is approximately half a metre tall and a metre long. it has a red tubular frame and small white 2 litre tank. It also has a collapsible type steering column. Any idea of what model it is, date of manufacture etc?? any help would be extremely helpful. -- Yours -- Jonathan Bird -- bill.bird at

I have searched for the E-Mail-address or / and post-address of the supplier of my motorcycle: OMER.
On the Label I can see: Reggio Emilia Italy, OMER S.R.L.
Thanks and best regards
Hans Rudolf Ineichen
Ob. Haldenweg 3
CH-5630 Muri
E-Mail: ineichen at bluewin ch

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