MV Agusta Mini Bikes

Two mini-bikes were marketed under the MV banner, the Omer folding City-Bike and the MV Mini Racer...

MV Agusta Mini Racer:

Phil Aynesly writes:
"Originally a single mini bike was built by MV as a present for the son of their rider, Phil Read, in 1973. That bike attracted a lot of attention so a limited number were produced during the rest of the '70s (no one seems to know just how many. A figure between 200 and 2000 has been mentioned). The Mini Bike Racing was produced in 3 versions, differentiated by their wheel size - 8", 10" & the much rarer 12". A Franco Morini 47.5cc 2-stroke motor was used."

Omer City-Bike:

47.6cc engine
Maximum speed: 40 km/h

Weight 30kg
Seat height: 820 mm
Economy: 50 km/l
Folds up and can be packed into a bag.

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