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sgallagher at
MV Agusta 350B 1972
Help. I am looking for a rear sprocket for my MV Agusta 350B 1972. Steet, 428 41 Teeth
Sean Gallagher

  • Try a search on "motorcycle sprockets made in Australia". Alternatively, buy a sprocket with of the correct chain type and # of teeth, cut the centre out and weld it to the existing sprocket.

truegritmc at
MV AGUSTA 350 B 1971 (?)
In need of a tappet adjustment screw
Sean Dwyer
Diamond Valley, Queensland, Australia
luter1956 at
MV Agusta 250B
Hello, I have a rolling frame and ask if you can identify the year, I know they were produced between 1967 to 1971, but would like to know what year it is.
Frame Number MV250B*2110379*
DGM 5923 OM
Mark Hinton
Labrador, Queensland, Australia.

leo68130 at
classic MV parts
my friend in switzerland has parts for classic MVs for sale
4 petrol tanks
a complete and rebuilt (never run) 350B engine
another 350B engine in pieces (not complete)
350 round engine - crankcase only, with all gears, NO crankshaft
for Pullman engine - 2 manifold bolts (apparently rare as the have a special diameter)
are you interested? detailed photos available. he wants to sell all the parts together
lawrence sufryn
france, parts are in switzerland 30 minutes from Basel airport
v8marine at
Minibike sidecar outfit 1973
Are there any records of frame numbers for these bikes?
I'm trying to find out who made these MV Agusta replica minibike sidecar outfits,I have had mine about 15 yrs.
I was told by my friend, the late George Nuttall (Classic bike services), that it could have been used as a pit bike in the seventies,but he sadly passed away before we could verify any further.
It has a Morini Franco engine no.00827 and the frame is stamped T1S 224.
As you can see from the attached pics it has never been repainted and the fairings are original white gel coat.
Any info on the bike or frame and engine numbers would be much appreciated.
Regards Paul Smith, Manchester Uk

Sun, 18 Feb 2018
rell.bruzer at
MV Agusta 1970 350B

I am after a workshop manual and parts manual or either for my 1970 MV 350B. CD copies would be great but hard copies also good. Regards Bruce.
Bruce Burgmann
Beresfield Australia

Have PDFs of 250B parts manual and 350S owners handbook, if they will help.
Also, try this page: Books and Manuals

Thu, 25 Jan 2018
roadglidepilot at
MV Agusta 1968 250B

Hope you can help, I am trying to source replacement gas tank rubber knee pads for this bike. Also an owners manual? (Have the parts book).. Tried Ariete, MV Club in UK, E-Bay.....
Clive Brown
Sooke Canada

Sun Apr 09 2017
shaun at
Fly Wheel Removal
MV Agusta 125 Pullman
How do you remove the fly wheel?

(Posted in Comments

Fri Apr 07 2017
shaun at
workshop manual
MV Augusta Pullman

Can you supply any manuals for full restoration?

There are several resources for MV manuals on this page.

Mon Oct 10 2016
rblil at
mv agusta
mv agusta 175 cstl 175 cstl
I am looking for a camshaft and rockers for my 1956 MV Agusta175cstl. Can you help?
san francisco CA

From: Mireille Leveille

MV Agusta spares
MV Agusta 175cm3 CSS 1953 or 1958/59 cylinder

I am looking desperately for cylinder head and cylinder for a MV Agusta 175 cm3 CSS (super sport)...1953 or 1958 /1959
Can you help ???

All the best
Mireille Leveille-Nizerolle
4258 Rte de le Fontaine du Mont Dore
98809 Mont Dore, New Caledonia

Sun Oct 18 2015
sawyer-gowans at
Mv agusta Mono
Hello, my name is sawyer. For a long while now I've been hunting a for a one wheeled motorcycle. I am an avid unicyclist and motorcyclist. If there is any way to get plans to build one of these for myself or anyone I can talk to about purchasing one please let me know.
British Columbia

Thu Sep 17 2015
blakestevenson at
wiring diagram<
MV Augusta 175cc Disco Volante
Do you have a copy of a wiring diagram for this bike? Thanks very much for your time. Blake Stevenson
Stonington, CT USA

Thu Jul 02 2015
shiniyman at
Rocker Arms
MV Agusta 1957 175 CS
I'm in need of both rocker arms.

Wed Oct 02 2013
wanting information
mv agusta 250 B
My mom has an MV Augusta 250B that's been sitting in her garage since the early 70s. She said the mileage is under 10K mark found the numbers 2110452 DGM 5823OM on it. We've determined that it's not locked up (and should be all original since it's been in storage all these years). She's down-sizing to a smaller place and is interested in selling, but we're having trouble finding comparable models for sale here in the US to even give us an idea of what to ask for it. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated!

Fri Sep 20 2013
Find Parts for my Mv Agusta
Mv Agusta 125cc TRT Centomilla Mv Agusta 125cc TRT Centomilla
Hi good day, I'm in search of some parts for my motorcycle I wonder if you have something I need is and what would be its value, if you do not have the parts and know where I can get them I appreciate.
Front focus (full)
Gas Cap
full handlebar

thanks for all


Mon Oct 08 2012
1955 175cc CS MV Agusta flywheel
mv agusta 175cc CS 1955 175cc CS 1955
i require a flywheel to suit 1955 175cc mv agusta engine
northern ireland

Tue Jul 10 2012<at>
Photo research
MV Agusta 750 Sport
Hi, I'm looking for high-resolution pictures of MV Augusta 750 Sport for a book publication about motorcycles (Edizioni White Star, Italy). Can you provide the high resolution file, is there any fee?

Tue May 01 2012
MV Agusta 350cc
Spares 350B 1970

I am from Switzerland and I am looking for a tail light cover for my MV Agusta 350b.

I try to find in Internet a club or a website but I did'nt.

Do you have any idea if it is the same or some adresses where I can find that piece ?

Thanks in advance and best regards
Geneva Switzerland

Sun Nov 27 2011
spare parts
mv agusta 350 scrambler 1972
Im looking for the petrol tank,seat,exhaust pipes,silencers and heat shield proteccion,cloks and the front wheel hub side plate with the speedo drive device.Please let me know if anybody got this parts for sale,thank you,regards,glen.

Da: mauro-casagrande<at>
Data: 6-ago-2011 16.12

Questa MV personale, è modificata secondo i miei gusti. Telaio della Benelli armi, carburatori SS 30 mm., serbatoio sella e fianchetti fatti in alluminio,
Il tutto per un peso di 192 kg. Kit catena, batteria piccola, ecc ecc.

This MV staff is modified according to my tastes. Benelli arms frame, SS 30 mm carburetors., Saddle tank and side panels made ??of aluminum,
 All this for a weight of 192 kg. Chain kit, small battery, etc. etc..


Thu May 19 2011
For sale
Spare parts for sale.

Tue Apr 19 2011
MV Agusta 750 special 1974
MV 750 s 1974
trasformata in special
peso kg 192
Udine Italy

Tue Mar 22 2011
Genuine parts
MV Agusta MV910A
J'aimerai connaitre u site pour acheter des pièces d'origine pour ma MV Agusta 910S

Wed Jan 05 2011
Spare parts
MV Agusta 83/125/175
I recently found some MV Agusta New Old Stock spare parts which I cannot use as I collect vintage Ducati's. There are valves for 125 early and late models, 175, and 83 cc. models. Enquiries welcome!
Venice, Italy

Verzonden: vr 31-12-2010 3:58
Aan: smid145<at>
Onderwerp: Re: Sheldon's EMU
MV Agusta 250B first type restored
MV Agusta 350 twin 6Volt series in with race fairing restored (please see the gallery for this one)

Dec 2010
Paul Rooney
02 6682 8557
rooney AT
Wanted 350 MV chassis - (Paul) has an engine which came from Murwillumbah NSW, apparently from a crashed bike. It's possible the frame and the rest of it is somewhere out there still.

Tue Oct 26 2010
F4 SPR 750 For sale
In excellent condition.
Limited series.

Wed Jul 28 2010
brutal910<at>live dot com
rear wheel stand
2007 mv agusta brutale 910
good morning, where can i purchase a new sleeve for my rear wheel stand?
alvin texas

Fri Mar 26 2010
krill.alex<at>gmail dot com
MV 350 Sport WANTED
MV Agusta 350 Sport
Looking for a 350 Sport. Any info please email
Denver, CO

Thu Dec 10 2009
abigbo at
engine info
MV agusta mini racer
hello could you please help me find the model of minarelli engine my mv mini bike has. It is original

Wed Mar 17 2010
Wanted well maintained Mv Agusta 750s (1969-74).

Fri Aug 21 2009
luigi.corna at
MV Agusta 125 anno 1948
I loocking for engine and parts for MV Agusta 125 year 1948.

Mon Nov 30 2009
classicbikeracer at hotmail dot com
Searching for spares
MV Augusta TRL 125cc (4 stroke)
I am searching for a number of spares to complete a restoration of little MV125 (date - frame late 50's, motor early 60's). I need:
1. Front hub brake arm - curves forward, as example in picture plus speedo drive unit.
2.Right side footrest - forged item see picture.
3. Rear brake pedal return spring.
4. Rear sprocket - 6 mounting holes, rubber cush fitting and cover plate - see picture.
Many thanks for any help - suggestions.
Dorset, UK

Thu Sep 17 2009
saxonhall2000 at
mv agusta for sale
mv agusta 750s
1974 mv agusta 750s
6500miles from new
2 owners
very good condition
for more pics & info please email

Sat Jul 18 2009
MV Agusta 750S 1971/73
I am looking to buy a 750S first model
Please call db4gt at or 06 88 21 50 05 Thank you

Mon May 25 2009
jwmoch at mochinternational dot com
MV Agusta 750S 1972/3 & 350 Scrambler 1972/3
I am looking to buy a 750S and a 350 Scramble early 1970's examples.
Please call US 616-634-3622. Thank you

Wed Feb 11 2009
jim.appelqvist at telia dot com
MV Agusta 750 S America for sale
1976 MV Agusta 750 S America -76
I have a Mv Agusta 750 S
America for sale. 20 000 km since new
Price 32000 Euro
Gothenburg Sweden

Sat Dec 06 2008
jkuiper at
M.V Agusta
onderdelen monoalbero corsa
te koop gevraagd Cartervan mv agusta monoalbero corsa 1955

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 08:23:52 +1100

Batman Dark Knight 2008 MV Agusta F4 1078 RR 312-RR 1+1 312 Limited Edition motorcycles. The unique Dark Knight F4, designed by famed MV Agusta motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini of Cagiva Research Centre located in San Marino Italy, was styled with special graphics denoting the movie. The bike is black and blue colors and scheme with unique bat shapes. This in one of the finest hand built motorcycles ever built, and only three exist in the world. Below are a few links that will give you information on the bike. or

Please send all bids over $35,000 to sdugas54 at

Thu Sep 18 2008
mvagusta125 at
parts wanted
mv agusta 125 1948
hi looking for parts or information on a 1948 mv agusta 125 its got the same model engine like the firts mv 98cc that came out in 1945 thanks

Fri Sep 12 2008
bill.benzie at googlemail dot com
MV 125 Sport (1971 - 1978)
MV Agusta 125 Sport (1971 - 1978)
I would like to buy one of these, preferably UK registered.
Lancashire, England

Tue Aug 14 2007
nga at
Mv Agusta frame number

Do you know what model is with this frame number :
" Mv Tre * 656 276 "
I don't have picture, it must be 1948 sport or race bike 125 or 175 maybe. if you have more information thanks to help me.

Fri May 11 2007
groundfloorqld at bigpond dot com
MV Augusta 125tr C 1954 11
as above
I'm just looking at the value of this bike..would you have any idea as to what it is worth, im looking to purchase a similar bike, actually a 1953 model to be exact. (pullman) and i dont want to get ripped off! Please reply, this website has been great viewing.

Peter, Australia

Try the page of classic motorcycle price resources at

Fri May 11 2007
jim.appeqvist at [bounced]
Fore sale
Mv Agusta America 1976
Hi! I have Mv America 76 20000 km since new. Full fairing and spares Can I add on your site? The bike is lokated in Sweden

Thu Feb 22 2007
ink-xpress at btconnect dot com
electrical diagram<
mv agusta f4
If anybody as got a electrical diagram for a mv agusta f4 it would be very helpful. Thanks

Thu Nov 23 2006
m at
vintage MV 125cc motorcycle
Squallo, Racing and Road
Unfortunately, we are looking to liquidate my Father's collection of restored MV Augusta racing machines.

He raced them in the German veteran circuit for many years in the 80s and 90's. The Squallo spent several years on display at the Nurburgring Museum. All are certified veterans for the competition, but two of the racing machines started as racers but have been rebuilt many times. The package includes an extra 3 or 4 engines and many spare parts, and a 175 street machine. I believe all 4 machines are from the 50's.
The machines are currently located in Houston Texas. If you are interested in these machines, please contact me to discuss the details and specifics of the machines.

Matthew Aaron
Houston Texas

Tue Oct 10 2006
quartz62 at
125 mv agusta 1948
looking for parts or any information on this model

Fri Oct 06 2006
anton.schon at
MV agusta 125 sport 1970's
125 sport from the seventies
I am desperately looking for a MV 125 sport from 1972 - 1978(circa). They are never up for sale on the net. Please help me, where can I find one 4 sale?

Tue Aug 01 2006
rsabini at
Model? Year?
MV augusta 125
I dont know what year/model it is. i need parts to fix it. And dont know where to go to find them. Any suggestions?

January 2006
hello thanks for placing the fotos of my italjet on your side. i think i have an other one for you . i send you this foto of my mv agusta 125 sport 1978. regards peter de wit

Tue Dec 27 2005
db4gt at
I looking for MV AGUSTA 750 S first model. My adresse email is
db4gt at

Fri Dec 23 2005
ashley at
Technical Assistance
I am in need of a wiring diagram for a 1978 850 Magni or contact details for anyone that can help please.
I have forwarded your email to a fellow who has a manual for a 750 SA which I think will be the same. Ed.

Thu Dec 01 2005
mruizb at aol dot com
2003 MV Agusta F4
My bike has an idle problem our mechanics here in the USA cannot seem to fix. The engine makes a "sneezing" sound at idle, when run at temperature. Sometimes it even stalls. No modifications have been made. Can anyone help?

Mon Jul 25 2005
icedvovo at
Magni M.V Agusta 750 or 861 Four
Magni M.V Agusta roadbike made by Magni in the late 60`s with drum brake and curved bodywork. ANY CONDITION. Also interested in chatting with owner of same.
Cash available Now

From: "sylvain marquand" <s-marquand at>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005
Here are pictures of my MV750S I have for sale.
MV AGUSTA: number 2140505 type: MV4C 750CC date: 01/01/1977
More information: here
Sylvain Marquand

Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005
subject: MV AGUSTA
Email: gabca.frenstat at
message: I would like to turn to you with request if you can send me by e-mail place where is in Italy showroom where is possible to see MV AGUSTA Brutale in more design (I mean colour). We are from the Czech republic and it is not possible to see more than one piece just in one colour and we consider of buying this bike.

Thank you very much for your soon answear.

Gabriela Hladká

There are several Italian MV dealers listed in the MV section at Bikelinks. Ed.

26th January 2005
MV Agusta 350 Sport listed on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
MV Agusta 350 Sport Elettronica.Twin cylinder 350 engine. Bike was imported from Italy in 2000. It is age registered for 1972. I purchased the bike in 2000 and rode it a few times,and has been stored since 2001.Condition is very good,and all original except the silencers,new seat cover andthe tank has been painted. It has no Tax or Mot, Historic Vehicle class machine. Requires very minor work to get it road worthy again.Quite a rare little Italian sports, can only go up in value. Comes with a few receipts, including my original purchase receipt,handbook and parts book,and details of how to join the MV Agusta owners club,which is a very good source of parts.

January 23rd 2005
The Sport America advertised at AllenMotorsports

Superb example of a timeless classic
1975 MV Agusta America, 295 miles from new.
Featured in the Louis Vuitton Classic (NYC) where it was last ridden by Barry Sheene as Grand Marshall in 2000.

November 6, 2001
I'm restoreing MV villiers racer Which MV 175 frame with Villiers starmaker engine. It has grp tank, but i need alloy or steel tank. probably 70s 250 or 350 tank can fit. if anyone has those items please let me know. --  Hiroshi Asada -- benten at

I have what purports to be a 1958 MV Agusta 125 TRA. However it appears to have had a (non MV?) front end grafted onto it at some stage. At least, I can't find any pictures of matching components on other MV's. If you can help identify any of these parts (404) please let me know.

The tank fits the MV frame so, unless all small motorcycle tanks were made with the same bolt hole configuration, it must be an MV one. But which one? Besides, the faded and somewhat dilapidated coachlines and black design, there are no distinguishing marks visible. The filler cap does appear to be an MV one. There are two petcocks. The triple clamp is a very nice aluminum casting. As is the lower one. It has the name "Arco" cast into the underside. The mudguard has the traces of what looks like a Moto Guzzi Eagle on a dealer sticker at the front. Its original paint color was the red as you see it. [The rest of the bike was black originally but had been clumsily sprayed red to match the forks & mudguard]

I guess the lamp is one such as was used on hundreds of small Italian bikes. The lens has Cibie on it. There is an engine kill button on the right-hand underside. The switch doesn't appear to be in the form of a removable key.

I don't particularly mind if its not all MV, I'm half tempted to restore the front end in its original red (I'm already well into restoring the black half) especially since I reckon it's going to be pretty difficult to find a matching MV one.

Of course if anyone knows of a box of 125 TRA parts going spare....

Thanks -- Martin Chudley -- mchud at ms dot com

Hello, I have an old Turismo Rapido America of 1959 - 125cc. I am looking for some technical manuals, colors brochures to paint it back to its original colors, and spare parts like handlebar, handles, silencer etc.. Many thanks in advance for your help. -- Marika -- mzsebedits at europe.dg dot com

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