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Made in the Netherlands

In the late 50s/early 60s Van Veen marketed a moped which was built by Santamaria in Italy and powered by Zundapp 50cc engines. These were produced by Moorkens in Belgium and marketed as the Cyclon.

Henk Van Veen became very well known for his association with Kreidler which he imported to Holland and later managed their racing efforts, with quite spectacular results. The Van Veen Kreidlers won 7 World Championship titles - 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1980 and 1983.

Van Veen established a factory in Germany for the express purpose of building a superbike, resulting in the OCR1000. Powered by an NSU Wankel of 996cc and driving through a Porsche-designed 4-speed gearbox, it delivered very high performance - at a very high price.

Manufactured: 1978 to 1981
Number Built: 37
Engine: Comotor Wankel

An article by Hans Smid of the Netherlands on the Van Veen OCR1000 is available on request.

Sun Mar 06 2011
Vanveen OCR1000
This is a scan from my brochure collection of the Vanveen OCR1000 brochure.
United Kingdom
Van-Veen-OCR1000-brochure-scan posted 1103

Dec 2010
This is Mister van Veen himself. He was invited to celebrate his 75th birthday and still going strong on his own 1000 OCR (which broke down during the session actually ;-)


Verzonden: wo 15-12-2010 9:55
Aan: smid145 <AT>
Onderwerp: Re: Sheldon's EMU
No problem, I was just curious who had given permission, because I had written this article ;-)
Dirk Knip did have permission to do so as a friend of mine. So you have my permission as well.
I would appreciate it if you would add to the article (with permission of Hans Smid. Netherlands)
Maybe you can refer to my website There are very many pics of the Van Veen and assembly under "artikelen" ( articles) Van Veen OCR1000
Hans Smid

August 2010
I send you our newsletter about the van Veen nr 41.

With kind regards,

Dirk Knip

See downloads section.

Wed Apr 22 2009
rcjenkins388 at btinternet dot com
Van Veen 1000 OCR
I am intreasted in buying a Van Veen 1000 ocr

Tue Nov 25 2008
drknip at hotmail dot com
van Veen OCR 1000 Wankel
Hello van Veen fans
News flash, in 2009 we will start to make a couple of brand new van Veens ! They will be assembled from the orriginal stock. If you are serious (!)interested to buy a complete new bike (no parts etc.)you can send a mail to the following e-mail adres:
I try to mail (as a atachement) some foto's from our workshop
with the van Veen parts and the showroom model


Dirk Knip


I send you this copy fom a Dutch MotorMagazine.
Enjoy it.
With kind regards,
Dirk Knip

Van Veen article - Dutch (see top of page)

Thu Sep 20 2007
derkerlmitderlangenmailadresse at gmail dot com
Engine for sale
Van Veen OCR 1000
Brand new original Van Veen engine complete with Solex carburettor for sale.


Thu Jul 20 2006
a.f.van.werkhooven at
Van Veen OCR 1000
Does anyone knows a Van Veen OCR 1000 fos sale?
I am very interested to buy one
Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Wed Sep 28 2005
info at
Van Veen OCR1000
I am interested in purchasing a bike, any contact information with any sellers would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Allen Smith
Australian Motorcycle Museum

Sun May 15 2005
Joe.walker at
Van Veen OCR 1000
I am interested in the Van Veen you are advetising, can you please forward my details to the seller. Many thanks, Joe

Mon Apr 25 2005
s-marquand at msn dot com<
Van Veen
Dear sir,
I have a van veen 1000 OCR to sell, i would like to know if you should have a private contact or a museum.
Thank you in advance.
Sylvain Marquand, France
Dear sirs,

I send you an e-mail to inform you that the 750 MV Agusta and the Van Veen OCR 1000 will be in auction sale in london in the Christie's Exceptional Motor Cars and Automobilia sale, June 11/2005.

I would like to inform you that before the death of my father, 10 month ago, the two bikes worked well. Since this time, nobody used it and they are in a private parking in paris.

The two bikes are really 2 exceptional originals bikes wich had a collection use that mean one miles a year more or less.

Van Veen: number A002015 date: 24/05/1974

MV AGUSTA: number 2140505 type: MV4C 750CC date: 01/01/1977

I did not want to sell this bikes but it is a necesary today. I remember that my father told me that my MV was one of the best motorbike in the world, that we had a enormous chance to have it at home and to be able to start the engine once a week. She is very butifull and make a noise wich pierce your heart. For the Van Veen, she is all original and she had a crazy big engine, wich made her famous I know, but i was really found of my MV and I wish the next owner will fallow the MV spirit.

So, I stop the story and give you the adress of the sale:

Christie's International Motor Cars Ltd
The Jack Barclay Showroom
2-4 Ponton Road
London SW8 5BA
tel: +44 (0) 20 7389 2851 fax: +44 (0)20 7627 8917

Now you have everything, if you need something else, contact me.
by Sylvain

September 26, 2001
I am after a poster of the Van Veen motorcycle, can you assist. I would be very grateful if you could help out.
Regards, Danny Van Veen -- vandan at bigpond dot com

September 11, 2001
My name is Keene SEELEY, and I have many Kreidler Florett 50 cc motorbikes.  I also have lots of info. If I remember correctly, Van Veen was the Dutch importer for Kreidler in the 60's and 70's. Van Veen had a factory-backed race team, and developed highly successful 50cc racing Kreidlers (rotary inlet valve, water cooling, electronic ignition). I'm always on the lookout for additional parts and information, so keep in touch. --  Keene Seeley -- kseeley at

February 1, 2001
Having admired this motorcycle as a teenager I have some doubt about the accuracy of the period 1976 - 1979. I was at the motor show in Rotterdam when it was first launched and took slides of the Van Veen (slides are now in storage and unretrievable for the next 2yrs) but I think production was 1974 - 1977 (will check with my brothers).

The bike was ahead of it's time and when on show the second year running (1st being more 'concept') it was light metallic green (with streak/colour variances). Magazine articles stated that the frame was causing manufacturing problems - the metals tried were either too stiff causing cracking or too flexible causing instability in handling (note the 350kg).

By the way the price tag then was fl.25,000NL compared to other large bikes which were mostly around fl.10,000 or less, this too must also have been a killing factor.

I have often wondered how this bike would fare today - with the necessary technological advances incorporated I think it would be well received - guess we'll never know.

Anyway if you'd like to get in touch in 2 years time I may well be able to provide you with show 'slide' copies.

regard Vincent -- Vincent Dingjan

Here are the only pictures I found. Only 37 bikes were built by the Dutch Kreidler wholesaler van Veen. The engine was built by Comotor, it had a 100 hp, 498cc rotary engine, weight 350 kg, top speed 240 km/h, built 1976-1979 (when Comotor went out of business). Torque 14 mkg at 3500 rpm!!! -- Hartmut Schouwer

From Sheldon: It appears that the "Comoto" rotary engine was a collaboration of Audi/NSU and Citroen. The bike had Brembo brakes, Koni suspension, shaft drive, and the gearbox was developed by Porsche. Engine was 996cc. Observed top speed was said to have been 201kph (125 mph).

Henk Van Veen was the Dutch importer of Kreidler and had been involved in building racing versions of the Kreidler mopeds.

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