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Marketed by Etablissementen Moorkens NV (FAMO), Grote Steenweg 571, Berchem (Antwerp) from 1952 to 1955, these were based on DKW and BSA 125cc engines. They were developed by father and son René and André Milhoux. René was very well known, having amassed hundreds of victories before the war. His father Jules Milhoux was also famous in the motoring world.

The Moorkens firm was the Belgian importer of Ariel, BSA, DKW, DMF, Excelsior, Panther, Sunbeam, Terrot, Vincent-HRD and Zundapp.

From 1958 to 1962 they marketed the Cyclonette moped, built by Santamaria in Italy and powered by Zundapp engines. These were also sold in the Netherlands, imported by Henk Van Veen in Amsterdam.

In 1968 Moorkens created the Vromm brand, again a German engine in an Italian chassis. The machine had a 3-speed 50cc Zundapp engine and was quite powerful, too much so for France which declined permission for import although it was initially advertised in French-language journals. It was designed to compete with the Flandria but was slightly slower - although far faster than the legal limit for such machines in most countries.

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peterfeets at hotmail.com
cyclon 1952
i'm looking for any photo's of the bike,especially the rear wheel.i have been serching on and off for 2yrs.i think it might be a zundapp but i really don't no.thank you peter.
Wed, 27 Sep 2017
peterfeets at hotmail.com
cyclon 1952
hi,i have a cyclon 125cc and i'm looking for any information i can get, images, and history, i have seen the 2 photo's in the belgium book of motorbikes, and there created my problem the saddle on my bike is different, it's more like the dkw. i believe my bike is one of the early ones. any help would be greatly appreciated. when i have the bike back in order i will post pictures.
thank you, peter.
Antwerpen Belgium

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